Good Day, My name is Lois and this is my personal blog. It started out as a Nails and Nail Care blog but quickly grew to include some of my other hobbies, hair, makeup, and skincare. As I started to see changes in my maturing skin, I started really seeking products to help fight the signs of aging. This is a battle I am going to fight with all I have.  Then New Year's Eve of 2014 I did the Big Chop. It was at that point my Natural Hair Journey started.

As I am living through my 50+ years, my blogging subjects include but are not limited to skincare especially for the maturing persons, nails & nail care, natural hair care, and makeup.  I don’t claim to be an authority or an expert, but For Me, They work...maybe they will work for you also.

With regards to nails and nail care, as a child, I was a nail biter but was able to stop.  How?  My childhood BFF and I made a bet to see who could grow their nails the longest.  I won!  I am not big on nail art but love a well-manicured hand.  I hope to share my hobby with others.  We can all learn from each other. 

Two things to remember, “You paint a house; You polish your nails” and “Your nails are jewels, not tools”.  These are two sayings a long-time friend and salon owner use to say all the time.

Grace, Peace, Joy, and Blessings.