BRAND: Hard Candy - 8:46 PM

Instagram Giveaway...New Hard Candy Nail Polishes

If you follow me on Instagram , you saw a recent post in which I displayed the brush defect with one of my recent Hard Candy purchases. Hard...

BRAND: Satya - 10:41 PM

REVIEW: Satya Jewelry - "Arm Yourself" with Arm Candy that Gives Back...

Several weeks ago I was introduced to a jewelry line and given the opportunity to review a piece.  Aside from the very unique yet gorgeous p...

BRAND: Barielle - 9:26 PM

Barielle's Welcome Fall Sweepstakes Starts Tomorrow!!!

I couldn't let this opportunity pass without let you know about it. Due to the great success of their two Sweepstakes this Summer, tomor...

9/11/2001 Tribute - 12:00 AM

9/11-We Still Stand Strong!

We Still Stand Strong! In Loving Memory to the thousands of innocent Men, Women, and Children who died. And to those that took a stand ...

#PerlierOnHSN - 2:31 PM

REVIEW: Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Scrub

One of my favorite parts of the week are the days I designate my DIY Spa Nights. So as a lover of scrubs and exfoliants, I was excited when ...



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