BRAND: China Glaze - 2:53 PM

China Glaze – Fifth Avenue - Interview Polish

For weeks now I have been flashing the more fashion forward polishes: purples, blues, and greens, but with a interview on Monday, I felt it ...

BRAND: Misa - 11:30 PM

Is there really, "A Sin Worth Committing"?

Misa-A Sin Worth Committing  My normal polish change days are Tuesdays and Saturdays, but for some reason I found myself wanting ...

BRAND: China Glaze - 2:03 PM

China Glaze: Vintage Vixen - Foxy!!!

China Glaze-Foxy   I know that many strive to own entire collections of polishes, but that has never been my goal.   I purchase what I ...

BRAND: OPI - 4:53 PM

NOTD: It's been a Colorful week...

 OPI-Pamplona Purple  As usual, I had a difficult time selecting my polish for my mani.  I thought with Valentine's Day fast approa...

- 10:26 PM

My 1st 10 Followers...WOW!!!

My first 10 followers…WOW!!!   Thank you. I don’t know what I expected when I started my nail blog.   I was just looking for a place to jou...

BRAND: China Glaze - 2:23 PM

NOTD: China Glaze Bogie

All day Saturday I walked around the house with 10 different polishes on trying to decide on my next mani. Ever since I ventured away from t...

- 10:50 AM

Shortwidenails 300th Follower Giveaway!!!

To celebrate reaching and now surpassing her 300th Follower, Shortwidenails  is hosting a giveaway!!!! The giveaway includes: OPI DS glam...

- 12:43 AM

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