BRAND: American Apparel - 12:12 AM

Epilepsy Awareness: Day 2 & ABC Challenge Week 1

So today I bring you Day 2 of my 7 Days of Purple Manicures to show support of Epilepsy Awareness.  And as coincident would have it, I...

BRAND: China Glaze - 12:00 AM

Epilepsy Awareness: Day 1-China Glaze Coconut Kiss

A little under 3 years ago when I started blogging, I never knew that there was a world of Nail Bloggers. But during this time, I have qui...

BRAND: Hand Perfection - 1:21 PM

SERIES: Progress-2 Weeks After My "Big Chop"

Two weeks ago, I posted about my forced " Big Chop ". I had an incident that was beyond patching on my swatch hand so I went ahead...

BRAND: Rimmel - 3:31 PM

REVIEW: Rimmel ScandelEyes Shadow Sticks

For years I was a brand snob. I had used the same brand of make-up for as long  as I could remember.  I never even considered other brands ...

BRAND: Hard Candy - 12:16 PM

NAILS: Hard Candy Polish Swatches & Combos

I'm sure that by now you've heard about and probably seen the newly released Hard Candy 2013 Spring Collection . Within that coll...

BRAND: CurlKit - 4:06 PM

PR: CurlKit’s Subscription Service Explodes With 5000% Increase of Sales in Less Than One Year

Not a Sunday goes by, while I'm sitting in church, that I don't see a "New Natural".  I also see that the National Brands ...

BRAND: SoFlaJo - 12:26 AM

NOTD: SoFlaJo's White Sensation...It's Snowing in Florida...

Today I want to share with you another polish I received for review from Jodi of  SoFlaJo . This is another polish from the Love Matte Coll...



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