BRAND: China Glaze - 10:03 AM

NOTD: China Glaze-Stella & Nail Progress Update

Happy Friday!!!  First, I started this mani by removing 9 layers of polish using the foil method . If you haven’t tried this polish removal...

- 8:12 PM

PolishAholic's 1000 Followers Giveaway...

When I first started my nail blog, Jen of PolishAholic was my very first follower and I will never forget that. So in support of her and he...

BRAND: OPI - 2:19 PM

NOTD: My Private Jet and a Redirection

NOTD: OPI-My Private Jet:   I must admit, I have taken a definite detour in my normal choices of color.   For years I was a die-hard red/ber...

- 11:46 AM

Beautyburg's New Year's Giveaway! Start Off the New Year With A BANG!

Win Us!! Beautyburg is starting off the New Year with some fun new stuff for you to win!  They are giving away some hits of 2010!   For a f...

BRAND: OPI - 8:41 PM

NOTD: OPI-Ski Teal We Drop - LOVE IT!!!!

OMG!   This may be my new favorite!  As I have posted previously, I am loving the blues but this OPI Ski Teal We Drop is gorgeous!!!   It is...

BRAND: Sally Hansen - 2:25 PM

NOTD: Sally Hansen Commander in Chic

Happy Saturday! Can you believe it, we have had over 25 days of below freezing temperatures in the state of Florida. There was even a day i...

BRAND: China Glaze - 10:06 PM

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Choosing my next nail polish color is always so difficult.   They are all so pretty.   The last three colors I have worn were all dark, blue...

BRAND: China Glaze - 7:36 PM

It's Been One Month...

Well it was one month ago today, Dec 10, 2010, that I decided to start taking care of my nails again. Growing my nails long is not really ...

Regimen - 4:20 PM

How to get long nails ?

This is not me, but since it is very close to my regimen, I decided to share it.

BRAND: China Glaze - 3:59 PM

China Glaze-Midnight Mission

I don't know what to think but I am turning from my old standard reds and berries toward more fashion forward colors.  For New Years, I ...



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