NOTD: China Glaze-Stella & Nail Progress Update

Happy Friday!!!  First, I started this mani by removing 9 layers of polish using the foil method. If you haven’t tried this polish removal method, it really does work.  Give it a try, especially with glitter polish.  I started my regular nail regimen in early December, 2010.  So looking back to my first blog through today, I see a fair amount of growth.  I have continued with the same regimen that I noted in my first blog.  The biggest issue I have had during this time is deciding on nail polish colors. LOL!!! In the past, I stuck with the reds and berries.  I have since ventured out to the more fashion forward shades of blues, greens, purples, and blacks; which I am loving!

China Glaze - Stella
So for my NOTD, I have had at least 5 bottles sitting on my desk for the last week: all varying shades of purple.  So what did I decide on?  Thanks to RMCANDLELIGHT of Nails Beautiqued, China Glaze - Stella won out. Stella is a beautiful violet purple shimmer with more red than China Glaze - Let's Groove, which is a more blue purple, but still in my inventory to be worn at a later date.  It also appears to be in the  same family as ChG Cowgirl Up, maybe someone can do a comparison. So I will be sporting Stella for a while. It is so pretty!  But be on the lookout, I am expecting my latest order from Trans Design either today or Monday...yippee, more toys!

PolishAholic's 1000 Followers Giveaway...

When I first started my nail blog, Jen of PolishAholic was my very first follower and I will never forget that. So in support of her and her wonderful blog, I am sharing this with you. If you are not already a follower, please take some time to visit her site.  You won't be dissatisfied. 

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NOTD: My Private Jet and a Redirection

NOTD: OPI-My Private Jet:  I must admit, I have taken a definite detour in my normal choices of color.  For years I was a die-hard red/berry only polish wearer.  But as of late, I am stepping out and have fallen in love with the blues, teals, and more fashion forward colors.  Today I tried OPI-My Private Jet and must admit, I really like it.  I know that many say there has been a color/formula change with MPJ and while I have been unable to find a comparison of the two, whichever it is that I have, I like it and would repurchase. 

Off topic (kind of), when I started this blog it was to be directly at beauty in general-hair, skin, nails, etc. I have since been introduced to the world of nail bloggers and my page has been more directed towards nails and nail products.  So I have made a decision to redirect my blog to focus mainly on nails.  I will add a  page where I will list my other favorite beauty products and from time-to-time, may blog about different products but for now I will remained focused on nails.  More to come…

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NOTD: OPI-Ski Teal We Drop - LOVE IT!!!!

OMG!  This may be my new favorite!  As I have posted previously, I am loving the blues but this OPI Ski Teal We Drop is gorgeous!!!  It is a Medium Teal cream that flows on nicely and dries quickly.  My city’s NFL team’s colors are Teal and Black.  I have found my football season polish!!!!

NOTD: Sally Hansen Commander in Chic

Happy Saturday! Can you believe it, we have had over 25 days of below freezing temperatures in the state of Florida. There was even a day in which we saw snow flurries. LOL!!! So what better to do than stay in the house and play with polishes…

Sephora by OPI - Metro Chic, OPI - You Don't Jacque, Essie - Merino Cool, Sally Hansen - Commander in Chic and now China Glaze - Below Deck.  All very similar in tone.  Just so happened that I was in Wal-Mart and saw the Sally Hansen version and decided to give it a try.  BTW, I see that Wal-Mart now carries Essie ($7/bottle).  I have been wearing blues for so long, natural tones looks odd on my hand.  But I think I like it. 

The brush had me concerned; it is wide and square, not like the normal narrow brushes we have come to know.  But surprisingly I found this brush to be excellent.  I was able to polish my nails with no overflow.  The bristles flared out just enough to reach the sides and not overlap on to the cuticle.  I have a shipment from Trans Design due to arrive Monday.  I have ordered the China Glaze - Below Deck and am excited to do a comparison.  We shall see. 

BTW: If you want to see a side-by-side comparison of Metro Chic, Below Deck and Merino Cool, check out She did an excellent job in displaying the difference.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Choosing my next nail polish color is always so difficult.  They are all so pretty.  The last three colors I have worn were all dark, blue, - China Glaze Little Drummer Boy, Midnight Mission, and Up All Night.  I am trying to decide on a color not dark blue for my next choice.   I am torn between several colors: CG-Foxy, Awakening, Sex on the Beach, Hey Doll and OPI Berry Berry Broadway.  I think I am leaning toward Awakening.  It is a beautiful shade of Rose Pink with a gold shimmer undertone.  I will post pictures of my decision.

One other thing.  Good Grief!!!  I just place my first order with Transdesign.  I ordered 12 colors and am looking at several others.  My decisions will continue to become even more difficult. LOL!!!  Grace and Peace.

It's Been One Month...

Well it was one month ago today, Dec 10, 2010, that I decided to start taking care of my nails again. Growing my nails long is not really a problem for me; it’s in the genes, it’s just me taking the time to take care of them. I will admit that as a child, I was a nail bitter. What stopped me? My best friend and I made a bet to see who could grow their nails the longest. I won. Over the past month, I have been experimenting with colors outside of my normal reds and berries. I have been wearing a lot of dark blues, and must admit I really do like the look. I have also been getting a lot of compliments. 
China Glaze - Up All Night
Over the past few weeks, I have purchased several new colors. By some of my choices, I am really surprised at myself, but can’t wait to try them. During this time I have also found Seche Vite’. This is a great top coat. It really does what it says, “Fast Dry Top Coat”. While my normal nail regimen has worked wonderfully for me I have been reviewing several You Tube videos and found one that does help in the polish removal process. Youtube-How to Remove Nail Polish. Thanks, SimpleLittlePleasures. Also during this time of research I have realized that there a many others that love nail polishes as much as I do, so I feel quite at home with all the other polish bloggers. I am not big on designs and effects, but I do love neatly polished nails. So I will be enjoying all the newly found blogs and videos. Grace and Peace.
Recently Purchased:
China Glaze:
• Awaken
• Black Diamond – This should be really pretty.
• Bogie
• Emerald Fitzgerald – I surprised myself by purchasing a green. That is so not the norm for me.
• Foxy
• Hey Doll
• Little Drummer Boy – Wore this for New Years and loved it.
• Liquid Leather
• Long Kiss – This was my Christmas red.
• Midnight Mission – LOVE THIS COLOR. Received so many compliments.
• Sex on the Beach – Pretty color and love the name. LOL!!!
• Up All Night – I am really surprised at how much I am really loving the blues. This is another good choice.
• Lincoln Park After Dark
• Rising Star
• Take the Stage
• Teasy Does It
• The Show Must Go On

How to get long nails ?

This is not me, but since it is very close to my regimen, I decided to share it.

China Glaze-Midnight Mission

I don't know what to think but I am turning from my old standard reds and berries toward more fashion forward colors.  For New Years, I was wearing CG-Little Drummer Boy and now I am loving CG-Midnight Mission.  This may be normal for the younger crowd but I am closer to 50 than I am to 25; so I am probably one of the older nail bloggers.  Whatever the case, looking at the colors I have recently purchased and those on my shopping list, they all lean more toward the darker colors (blacks, navy, deep purples, and dark greens).  I have not totally disregarded the reds and berries, it's just that other colors have caught my eye at the moment.  I will post more as I change my polish.

My nails are continuing to grow with no issues.  I am keeping my cuticles moisturized.  Lastly, after watching several YouTube videos I decided to give Seche Vite a try and I have now made the change from my Nail Life Speed Demond to Seche Vite--Love it!