Zoya Blues: Skylar, Crystal, Noel, Charla, & Zuza

I've been going through my untried nail polishes and recently used Zoya Zuza. I fell in love. The application, formulation, color pigmentation, and brush head all were great to work with. I remember back to when I started my blog, I asked if Zoya was worth all the hype.  I still remember the day I purchased my first Zoya polish, Dita.  Anyway, I have since purchased several other Zoya polishes but like many of my polishes, they went untried for long periods of time. Well today, I'm sharing with you some of my Zoya blue polishes.  If you have followed by blog you should not be surprised that I would start with blue polishes.  

So let's get started. First is this light denim blue polish is Zoya Skylar. It was part of the Zoya Spring, 2012 True Collection.  It contains silver and gold glass flecks.  I love the finish, while there are the glass flecks, its not bold or "in your face" like some flecks. I really don't have any others in my collection like this polish. Here, I am wearing 2 coats.

Next, is a polish that most polish and/or Zoya collectors own, Zoya Crystal. This was part of the Winter 2010 Flame Collection. It is a gorgeous blue metallic foil with gold flecks. I need to get an extra for a Crystal I know. The only polish I have that is even kinda similar is OPI Absolutely Alice, but while the coloring is similar, the finish is definitely different. I hear rumor that there was an earlier OPI shade that was a dupe, OPI Reflecting Pool, but that was released long before I started collecting and blogging about nail polish.

This next, is a polish I purchased is from the 2011 Holiday Gems & Jewels Collection - Zoya Noel. Noel is another denim blue foil.  It looks to be like the base of the above Crystal before they added the flecks. Has pictured I used 2 coats. As with most of the Zoya polishes I tried thus far, the application was smooth with not streaking. I will admit that since Noel is a metallic, you do need to use some care if you are concerned about brushstrokes.

This next polish as one of my all-time favorites and I can see why there are so many attempts at dupes. Zoya Charla, from the Summer, 2010 Sparkle collection, is a gorgeous blue-green, fleck-filled, metallic polish that has been copied by just about every polish brand. It looks like a Caribbean ocean in a bottle. Pictured, I'm wearing 2 coats.

There is something about Zoya Charla. I am instinctively drawn to similar shades. Without even realizing it, I have purchased and continue to purchase similar polishes.  From my stash, I have found 7 different polishes that fall into this same color family. And I know that there are others. I never did get OPI Catch Me In Your Net-another Charla dupe.

And lastly, for now, is Zoya Zuza. I recently posted this manicure but wanted to include it with my other Zoya blues. Zuza was released last year as part of the Zoya Beach and Surf collection. This teal-aqua blue applied smoothly and with no issues.

Well those are all my Zoya blue polishes for now. I have a shopping list for future purchases. I know I just missed their annual Green promotion, but that is another great thing about Zoya, they have several promotions throughout the year. So eventually, Song, Tart, Tallulah, Jo, Indigo, along with some others will be part of my collection.  What are some of your favorite Zoya polishes?

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* FTC: These products were bought with my own money. These are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by any of these companies. This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. I just love the blues! Can't wait to see your untried Zoya purples and pinks too! I have only 3 Zoyas in my collection and am wanting more. Your swatches are perfect so I know I'll find a few as you run through your untrieds. ;-) Sending loads of love to one of my favorite (and the sweetest) bloggers out there. <3


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