Top 6 Blue Nail Polishes for Summer! Response Post

Come on now! You know when I saw Amanda's post of ItIsAmandaaa of her Top 6 Blue Nail Polishes for Summer, I had to chime in. Amanda did a collaboration with Cali of ThreeSixtyNails. I will link their posts below. 

If you have followed me for more than 10 minutes you already know I LOVE blue nail polishes! Just as Amanda said in her video, I often have people tag me on blue polish posts and I love them!
While this is supposed to be my top 6 blue polishes I could have easily taken it to my top 100. Again, I love blue polishes! I remember the very first blue polish I ever purchased, Sally Girl Mean Streak. But I digress. Back to the reason for this post. I am drawn to mid-tone blues for Summer, cobalt, bright, holo, they all speak my truth.