NOTD: Orly Wild Wisteria w/ an Accent!

Don't you love finding a polish that you thought would be hard to find? Up until recently Orly Wild Wisteria was on my wish list but I ...

BRAND: China Glaze - 7:00 AM

Pink Wednesday: China Glaze Mom's Chiffon

This week's Pink Wednesday is China Glaze Mom's Chiffon . This is a shade from the 2008 Immaterial Gurl Collection. It's somewha...

BRAND: Ulta - 7:00 AM

NOTD: Ulta Salon Lacquer - Mint Condition

I tend to be a brand snob and would overlook certain store brand polishes including Ulta.  Recently, I was in Ulta and they had their brand ...

BRAND: Philosophy - 2:37 AM

Top 10 Award! - Not Oprah's, but my Favorite Things...

No, I am not giving you a car or a trip to Australia , LOL!!!  Ina from My Nail Polish...

BRAND: Zoya - 7:00 AM

Pink Wednesday: My 1st Zoya -- Dita

I realize that I haven’t posted a Pink Wednesday in quite some time so here you go.   I have long wavered on whether or not to try Zoya.   I...

BRAND: China Glaze - 6:48 PM

NOTD: China Glaze Techno Teal (Tronica)

Strange, just yesterday I posted that I was having a difficult time deciding on my next mani.  Trying to decide, I ended up with a Skittle m...

- 2:39 PM

Unexpected Skittles…

When I first started my For Me, It Works... blog, I would see other bloggers talking about Skittles. As far as I knew, Skittles is a candy....

BRAND: OPI - 5:36 PM

NOTD: OPI Princesses Rule!

I had picked up this polish several times but for some reason would never purchase it.  Well after many visits, I finally decided to get it....

BRAND: Color Club - 1:13 PM

NOTD: Color Club – Wild At Heart + Shrinkage (UGH!)

This was my first try with a Color Club polish.   I had seen many swatches of Color Club Wild At Heart and fell in love.   It was a must ha...



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