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BeautyGarde Rocket Nail Fuel Review

It was late 2021, I had been wearing builder gels to strengthen my nails. But to remove the builder gels, instead of soaking them off, as I should have, I used an e-file. Due to my misuse of the e-file, I damaged my natural nails. The damage resulted in lifting (Onycholysis) on all of my nails as well as "greenies" on my thumbs. I had never experienced damage to this level. So, what did I do to? I removed all the gel, cut off as much of the damage as I was comfortable with, and before each manicure, I soaked my nails in hydrogen peroxide and used a tea tree laden cuticle oil. As my nails grew out, I continued to cut off the remaining damaged nails. Then it was time for a fresh start. 

Shea Moisture: Even & Radiant with Raw Honey Skincare

Yes, even in my mid-50s, I still experience the occasional hormonal break out. And thanks to the current state of the world and mask-acne, I have been experiencing even more break outs. So, obviously, as a WOC, I have been in a constant battle with trying to maintain even skin tone and minimizing hyperpigmentation. You can imagine my excitement when I was offered the opportunity to try SheaMoisture's newest skincare line-Even & Radiant. This line is "made for melanin-rich skin, for a radiant, more even complexion, the Even & Radiant collection is blended with natural Raw Honey and Charcoal to help visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots and post-acne spots while helping to restore skin’s natural tone."

The Even & Radiant Collection includes the following five products:

3-in-1 Melting Cleansing Balm ($11.99) – This 3-in-1 multi-tasking cleanser removes oil and impurities, instantly melts away makeup, and moisturizes to leave skin feeling refreshed, soft and nourished. I will be incorporating this balm into my double cleansing routine.

Top 6 Blue Nail Polishes for Summer! Response Post

Come on now! You know when I saw Amanda's post of ItIsAmandaaa of her Top 6 Blue Nail Polishes for Summer, I had to chime in. Amanda did a collaboration with Cali of ThreeSixtyNails. I will link their posts below. 

If you have followed me for more than 10 minutes you already know I LOVE blue nail polishes! Just as Amanda said in her video, I often have people tag me on blue polish posts and I love them!
While this is supposed to be my top 6 blue polishes I could have easily taken it to my top 100. Again, I love blue polishes! I remember the very first blue polish I ever purchased, Sally Girl Mean Streak. But I digress. Back to the reason for this post. I am drawn to mid-tone blues for Summer, cobalt, bright, holo, they all speak my truth.

On the Road to Recovery...

After a rookie mistake, I find myself needing to start over. I must remember to follow my own rules, "Do not over buff!" I am often asked about my nail care routine, so I find this a great time to re-document my nail care routine. I first shared my process over 8 years ago. I will share that original link here. My process, as well as my products,  have changed over the years. This will be my routine to bring my nails back to a healthy state. I will, at a later time, share my maintenance routine. 

Also, one disclaimer. I am not a nail professional. This is just what works for me.

Tools: These are some of the products I use, but use what you have available.

Cotton Rounds: to remove any old polish
Clippers: to remove any major length
Cuticle Pusher: this is a personal preference-metal, ceramic, plastic, wood, whatever you like
Nail Files: to smooth edges. I have several types of files in my arsenal, each has a purpose
Cuticle Nippers: used to clip hangnails and any dead skin

Derma E: Anti-Acne Skincare

PR Sample
If you are one of my Instagram followers, you know my love for DermaE products. DermaE has been a part of both my morning and evening skincare routines for the past couple of years. Yes, I have been gifted some of their products for review, I have purchased even more. With that being said you can imagine my excitement when I received yet another gift. This time and right on time, I received the DermaE Anti-Acne line.