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NOTD: China Glaze Riveting

5:03 PM

You can't pick up a fashion magazine or watch a fashion program without it touting the Color of the Year being Tangerine. Sephora and Pantone Universe recently introduced an entire collection of beauty products based on the color tangerine. You couldn't have paid me to believe that I would join that bandwagon, but I must admit, the color is excellent against my skintone (NW43). 

Then there was all the hype about the recent movie blockbuster, The Hunger Games and the China Glaze Capitol Colours collection. I never did understand all the hype. I didn't see the movie or read the books.  When I saw the first pictures of the collection, I didn't think I was going to buy any, but on sight, there were a few I needed to add to my collection.  Today, I am sharing with you China Glaze Riveting.  It is one of those colors that I can't stop looking at.  Throughout the day, I find myself constantly looking at my nails. LOL!  

Sidenote: I had been hunting China Glaze Orange Pacific forever, unsuccessfully. Fortunately, China Glaze Riveting is close enough to kill that lemming.

China Glaze Riveting is a beautiful bright tangerine with gold shimmer fleckies.


  • Opacity: pictured is 2 coats but for no VNL I would suggest 3 coats.
  • Collection: 2012  Capitol Colours
  • Bottle:14 mL – 0.5 Fl oz.
  • Brush:Standard narrow brush
  • Price: China Glaze - Reg. $5.99 but can be often found on sale at Sally and other e-tailers.
  • Application: I didn't experience any difficulty with the application of Riveting, not too thick or runny.

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* FTC: These products were bought with my own monies. These are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by this company. 

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