UNBOXING & 1st IMPRESSIONS: EyeLuv Colors Palette

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Last Fall I receive a Press Announcement regarding the launching of a new online cosmetics company. Normally, that wouldn't be too big a deal, as a blogger, I get announcements and invites to beauty related events all the time. But what really caught my attention was that this company was going to be based out of my city.  I could clearly understand if I still lived in New York, or lived in Los Angeles or even Atlanta or Orlando, but not Jacksonville, Florida. We are known for Gator Football, our Naval Bases, our Shipping Ports and maybe even our NFL Team, but not for Cosmetics. So you can imagine my excitement to learn that EyeLuv was going live on December 2, 2012 right here in Jacksonville, Florida.

So first, who is EyeLuv? 

EyeLuv was founded in 2012 by Dee Cheshire and Juli Sorg, and specialize in customizable makeup palettes containing eye shadows, blushes, and brow definers. They also offer eyeliners, mascaras, mineral shadows, and brushes. They offer an extensive color palette, and is compatible with all skin colors and types.
Also, what makes EyeLuv different from other cosmetic companies that offer palettes?

EyeLuv's new online store, www.EyeLuvColor.com allows customers to create their personal palettes with an extensive variety of eye, blush, and brow colors of their choice. Palettes are available with an eco-friendly design and are made of recycled materials. The palettes are magnetic, making them reusable with new colors.

What are my first impressions of the EyeLuv Color Palette?

I really liked the presentation. My product came packaged in purple tissue paper with a pink ribbon.
The palette is a matte plastic with a secure snap closure. It's also magnetic so that the shadows, blushes, and brow powders can all be replace, and/or changed out.  This one palette holds 4 shadows and two powders (blush and/or brow).  It's compact size makes it perfect for travel and to keep in your handbag.
The EyeLuv Color Palette measures approximately 4H x 4.5W x 0.5D and has a large mirror.
The colors EyeLuv chose to send me for review are as follows:
 Pixie Blush Sorbet
Dark Brown Brow Definer
Sandstone (Top Left)
Polarizing Purple (Bottom Left)
Plum Velvet (Top Right)
Naughty (Bottom Right)

So, that's all fine and well, but what's most important, how does the product perform? How's the pigmentation?

So here are some quick first swatches. The blush is across the top of my hand, while the four shadows are striped blow the blush.  Initially I was concerned about the colors not being WOC friendly, but as you can see, these will work for our chocolate ladies. 
To touch, the shadows are velvety and not the dreaded chalky.  At first look, they appear to be blendable and fairly pigmented.  So upon my inital look, I love the concept of the palette; the shadows, blush, & brow powder all in one. And look forward to seeing what eye looks I can get from this combination.
So for all of you that have cleaned out your purse and found enough beauty products to stock a vanity, this may be the solution to your problem. 


Price:  $37.50 for the EyeLuv Color palette that comes with 4 custom shadows, and 2 custom blush/brow definers.
Availability: www.eyeluvcolor.com  
EyeLuv products are manufactured in the U.S. and shipped right the customer's door. Its founders aim to help women all over the world save money on quality cosmetics that they enjoy using.  "The quality found in EyeLuv's products surpass other big makeup lines currently in the market, and do so at a competitive price." says Dee Cheshire, Chief Financial Officer.

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.
* This product was sent to me for review consideration by the creator. These however are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by this company.T

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