1st Impressions: NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish Swatches, Part 1

NYX Cosmetics has been a product line that I have loved and used for a while.  I love their lip glosses, lipsticks, blushes, lip & eye liners. I've even purchased several of the NYX Girls nail polishes, but until now I have never tried their Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish line. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have paid several visits to my favorite beauty supply store's newest location in my town.  They have one of the largest NYX collections I've ever seen in any one location. During one of my trips to this BSS, I picked up some of my first NYX Advanced Salon Formula nail polish.

So today I'm sharing with you the first 4 that I purchased.  Any surprise that my first would be a blue?  Here is Ocean Blue. This is a light denim blue with silver shimmer. The formulation was great, almost a one-coater, but I went with two coats to achieve a full opaque finish.  But be sure to wear a good base coat because I did experience some staining, but not a lot.

Next, I have Purple. I would have appreciated a more creative name, but "to the point" naming is common for NYX.  This is a mid-purple with a fine silver shimmer. Here I'm wearing two coats, but see that three would have been better.  This dries to a matte satin finish.  I didn't experience any staining with Purple.

Here is Delectable, a rose-pink with gold flakes.  Of these four, probably my favorite. I need to do some comparisons with some of the Zoya polishes in my stash. This is reminding me of a couple I own.  This is two coats and I love the finish.

Lastly is Extreme Purple.  This is a true royal purple cream. As with most purple, my camera did not want to cooperate. The application was smooth, not too thick or too thin.  I wanted to add a little bling, so I did accent nails using China Glaze Prism from the Prismatic collection.

So that concludes part 1 of my NYX Advanced Salon Formula collection. There will be others.  My overall first impression is that like most of the NYX product line, I really do like these polishes.  The formula is easy going. The brush is slightly wider than the standard narrow brush. The color selection is a good size, with over a 100 different shades and finishes.  The price is affordable.  I paid $3.49 per bottle and the bottle is 0.52 fl oz whereas the average nail polish is 0.50 fl oz.  I have seen them on Cherry Culture for $3.50-$4.00. Availability may be the only hindrance. While I found them at a local beauty supply store, I don't see the brand readily available.  Although Ulta carries the NYX line, I haven't seen the polishes in any of my local Ulta stores.  They can also be purchased directly from the NYX Website.  

So overall, if you haven't given these polishes a try, I would definitely suggest that you do. I know I will be adding more to my collection.  

If you are familiar with this NYX Advanced Salon Formula collection, what are some of your favorites?

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* FTC: These products were bought with my own money. These are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by any of these companies. This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Marisa (Polish Obsession)July 23, 2013 at 5:50 AM

    These colors are beautiful!! I especially like Delectable.

  2. Gorgeous colors and I am loving the bottles! It reminds me of the Deborah Lippman bottle but way freaking cheaper. Gotta love that.


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