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PRESS RELEASE: Introducing ORLY® Color Blast® and Color Care®

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Brush on something new with 72 dazzling shades and 12 treatments that deliver salon results

If you've followed my blog for a while or more recently my Instagram feed you're aware of my love for the Orly Nail Polish brand. However, recently I came across the newly released Orly Color Blast line.  And the bottle size change had me puzzled and a little disappointed so I decided to contact my PR contact at Orly. Below is the response of the Director of Communication, John Galea along with the official Press Release.

" I’m thrilled to hear that you’ve been a fan of ORLY for many years.  Additionally, I’m very glad that you’ve discovered our new retail line, ORLY Color Blast.  ORLY Color Blast is a collection of vibrant colors and textures specifically designed for the retail environment. ORLY Color Care is a portfolio of 12 highly effective treatments to help maintain healthy, beautiful nails.  Color Blast and Color Care are available in .37 oz bottles, perfect for consumers with a MSRP of $6.99 for polish and $7.99 for Color Care.  Of course, prices may vary according to retailer.

The brand that you’ve loved for years, ORLY has not changed and is available in our .6 oz bottle with the patented Gripper Cap™.  ORLY has been the choice of professionals since the company’s inception, and will continue to be an innovator in the professional nail care industry.

Please note that you were misinformed buy the sales associate at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  ORLY has not pulled its signature professional product from the market. ORLY professional will continue to be offered via our traditional channels, while Color Blast will be available at selected retailers.  I hope this clarifies any questions you many have, but please feel free to let me know if there is anything else. I’ve also attached a press release for Color Blast and Color Care."

In addition, I asked about the formulation of the new Orly Color Blast line as compared to the Original professional line.  Here is Mr. Galea's response to that question:

"No there’s no difference in formulation, but our goal was to simplify for the consumer.  Bring the best of professional to the retail environment. It’s about color, texture and a self-service shopping experience."

ORLY, one of the leading color houses in salon nail care, introduces ORLY Color Blast and Color Care!  Think big, think bold, think bright with 9 categories of unique textures and finishes, ORLY Color Blast delivers 72 dazzling shades designed to get you noticed.

While keeping up with color trends is half the fun of a manicure, healthy nails are always in style. ORLY Color Blast is complemented by ORLY Color Care, a line of 12 highly effective treatments for every nail type, proven to deliver salon results. Each Color Care formula provides targeted support for long-lasting manicures offering everything you’ll need for healthy nails including, basecoats, topcoats, specialty and cuticle care. 

Featuring ORLY’s patented Gripper Cap for easy opening and application, ORLY Color Blast and Color Care combines salon results with color and texture for the perfect at home manicure.

All ORLY products including ORLY Color Blast and Color Care are formulated without DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde.  ORLY Color Blast and Color Care will be available starting February 2014 for $6.99 each at several retailers, including select Bed Bath & Beyond, Kmart, & Meijer and in several countries worldwide. 
So my overall opinion of the brand extension? I guess it's good for those who can't easily get to Orly. And looking at the shades included in the Color Blast collection, they've included some of the brand's favorites.
It all started with Pink. For more than 39 years, Jeff Pink and ORLY have pioneered the nail care industry. By creating innovative tools and superior nail products ORLY provides the medium to produce quality manicures, allowing consumers and salon professionals to express their most colorful desires. From the conception of timeless nail looks, such as the Original French Manicure®, to cutting-edge nail color, treatments, textures and design, ORLY meets the style needs of women in over 100 countries, with the finest and safest ingredients.

Grace, Peace, Joy & Blessings,

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