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Thursday, September 8, 2011

NOTD: Rimmel Violet Metal

This is a brand I have never blogged about as I have never tried it before.  I only have 2 shades in my collection.  Today, I am sharing Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro in Violet Metal.  I came across this polish on clearance at my local CVS. It was 75% off. That's always good when trying a brand for the first time. 
Rimmel London Violet Metal is a gorgeous shimmery irridescent violet. It has a durchrome quality with blue, purple, magenta, and teal. I guess you should really call it a multi-chrome. You can see the duochrome quality from both the bottle and on the nail. These pictures where taken inside under an Ott-Light. Next time I must see the qualities under our Florida sunlight.

·Color Family: Red violet duochrome - Cool
·Finish: Irredescent
·Opacity: 2 coats for bottle color

·Bottle: 0.45 Fl Oz
·Brush:Wide brush. This was a negative point for me. The width of the brush is just slightly less than the bottle neck. Not like the OPI Pro-Wide brush.
·Price:Reg. $3.99.
·Availability:Ulta, CVS, Target, Walgreens and Walgreens are some of the major retailers that carry Rimmell.
·Application: Smooth. In these pictures, I am wearing BC, and 2 coats of NP

Remember, treat your nails as jewels, not tools. Grace and Peace.


Nicole said...

Oh, this is one of my favorites, I just love this shade. I have several of the "new line" Rimmels, because I love the colors. I hate the new brush though - it's too much like that weird Sally Hansen brush that's in the Insta-Dris and the complete salon manicure bottles. The old brush was more like any typical polish brush, maybe for instance Sinful Colors. I tolerate this merely because I like the line of colors and the polish itself, haha! I LOVE your photos of this, you captured it so well.

Bregje said...

75% off? That's awesome, especially when that goes for great colors like this one!

mrsrexy said...

Beautiful! I just picked this up; can't wait to use it!

KayJay said...

I got this one as well when it was on sale! Looks awesome on you! I'm a Florida girl as well!!!

For Me, It Works... said...

@Nicole, Thanks for your kind words. I really do like the Rimmel shades but hate their brush.

@Bregje, I love a good sale.

@Mrsrexy, Thanks. I'm sure you will like this color.

@Kay-Jay, Thanks. Duuuuvallll!!! LOL!!!

kittypolishnbags said...

I immediately spotted that it's a duo just by looking at it! So pretty on you!

For Me, It Works... said...

@Kittypolishbags, thanks.

Maki said...

*_* I'm speechless! It looks like the perfect blurple <3

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