NOTD: China Glaze Blue Sparrow (Neon)

4:00 AM

Once again I am presenting you with a well blogged about polish. But some polishes are so pretty that they deserve multiple viewings.  So, today I am reminding you of China Glaze's Blue Sparrow from the Ink Collection released during the Summer of 2008.  For those who are not familiar, China Glaze Blue Sparrow is a medium blue neon glitter.  It contains a micro teal glitter. It you require a smooth finish or glossy finish, you will than need a top coat. Surprisingly, since I normally prefer smooth finishes, I was able to wear this polish without a top coat. When I first started blogging, I read several other posts and they all said that these neons dried matte. Personally, I would not equate this to the matte of true matte polishes. In these two pictures, I did not add any top coat and as you can see, while the finish is somewhat matte, there is still a shine of sorts. 

So if you haven't tried China Glaze Blue Sparrow or it's been a while since you have worn it, give it a try.  It's one that needs more exposure.

·Color Family: Blue - Cool tone
·Finish: Neon Micro Glitter (Matte)
·Opacity: 3 coats for bottle color
·Collection: Ink Collection 2008

·Bottle:14 mL – 0.5 Fl oz.
·Brush:Standard narrow brush
·Price:Reg. $5.99 but can be often found on sale at Sally and other e-tailers.
·Availability:This is part of the China Glaze permanent collection. Ulta and Sally Beauty are some of the major retailers that carry China Glaze
·Application: Smooth. In these pictures, I am wearing BC, and 2 coats of NP, but I could have used 3 coats to prevent VNL.

Remember, treat your nails as jewels, not tools. Grace and Peace.

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