Is there really, "A Sin Worth Committing"?

11:30 PM

Misa-A Sin Worth Committing
My normal polish change days are Tuesdays and Saturdays, but for some reason I found myself wanting to change earlier.  So after much thought about which untried to try I decided on Misa-A Sin Worth Committing.  The name alone made me laugh since I had a church meeting to attend tonight.  It said “worth committing” not that I actually committed the sin…LOL!!! 

Review: This is a beautiful, midnight, shimmer, blue, reminiscent of the midnight sky.  But not so dark that it appears black.  This was also the first full application of a Misa polish and I must admit, I love the application.  It applies smooth and without any streaking.  In this photo, I am wearing a Base Coat, two coats of polish and the SV top coat.  Based on the application of the polish, I will be purchasing more Misa products.  So don’t worry, this polish is “A Sin Worth Committing.”  Grace and Peace!!! 

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