China Glaze: Vintage Vixen - Foxy!!!

2:03 PM

China Glaze-Foxy
I know that many strive to own entire collections of polishes, but that has never been my goal.  I purchase what I like and seldom are there entire collections in which I like all the colors.  But if I had to chose one collection it would be China Glaze Vintage Vixen.  Of the 12 colors, I currently own 5 (Midnight Mission, Bogie, Emerald Fitzgerald, Hey Baby, and my NOTD: Foxy) and plan on purchasing 4 others (1st Class Ticket, Ingrid, Riveter Rouge, and Goin’ my Way?).  I am not a fan of the crackles or shatters, so I anxiously await the Escape collection in April, Metro in July and Let it Snow in September.  I already have spotted several polishes that I need to add to my collection.  

REVIEW: Foxy, is a beautiful warm, burnt, reddish bronze.  The application is common to China Glaze, smooth.  In this photo, it took two coats to achieve this look, followed by a SV Top Coat. Please excuse the nick, wasn't quite dry when I went to bed.

Bring on the Spring/Summer Collections!!!

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