NOTM: Go Dragons!!! Orly Royal Navy

11:29 AM

Orly Royal Navy
One of my little neighbor friends plays soccer.  I have been going to his games and I promised that I would match my polish to his team’s jersey.  So here is my ode to the Dragons-Orly Royal Navy.  In these pictures, I used 2 coats and as you can see there is VNL, so if you are adverse to VNL you may want to apply a third coat.  Royal Navy is Bright, Vibrant, Strong, and Impactful, just like the Dragons!  The bottle can be deceptive.  I had been looking at this polish for some time at Sally but it looked just like a regular cobalt blue, until I shook the bottle.  The teal sparkles tend to settle at the bottom of the bottle.  Once shaken, there are gorgeous teal sparkles throughout the blue making for a wonderful marriage.  So please, this is one that needs to be in your inventory, especially if you are a blue person.

BTW: It was a hard fought game, and the Dragons won 12 to 11.  Hey Team!!!

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