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NOTD: Orly Royal Velvet – a real Multi-chrome!!!

10:10 PM

Orly Royal Velvet-Interior Lighting
I missed out on all the earlier holographic and duochrome polishes.  In my previous life, I was a die-hard, red and berry only person.  Guess I am going through a midlife crisis because I am now LOVING the blues, purples, and greens.  Even more the, duochromes and holos. 

My choice for today is Orly Royal Velvet, which is from their current Precious collection (Spring, 2011).  When I first saw this collection, it was Royal Velvet that caught my eye and then when I saw it worn by other bloggers, I knew that I must have it.  From what I have read and seen, it appears to be a cousin of SpaRitual Health, Wealth & Happiness, but since I have never seen SpaRitual Health, Wealth & Happiness IRL, I can only judge by pictures.  It does appear to be in the same duochrome family.   These pictures don't do this polish justice.  This is one you must see for yourself.

Orly Royal Velvet-Sunlight
Review: Orly Royal Velvet is like having four manis in one.  From one view, my nails are purple, from another teal, and another green and yet another blue.  This is more of a quadchrome instead of a duochrome.  I own other polishes that claim to be duochrome, and it is visible in the bottle.  But upon application, there is no evidence of the duochrome.  Not so with Royal Velvet.  It is visible in the bottle and on the nails.  The application is similar to other Orly polishes I own-smooth.  My all time favorite red is Orly Bus Stop Crimson.  This is polish definitely requires at least 2 coats (as pictured), but it is a keeper.  IMO, if you don’t already own this one, you don’t want to miss out.  This is a true multichrome.

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