REVIEW: China Glaze Neons...Shimmer Highlights

We have all, at one time or another used a highlighter.  My generation, they were always yellow. But more recently, they come in a variety of colors. The recent China Glaze Neon -2012 Collection looks like it took inspiration from the rainbow of colors available in highlighters.  

I received 4 of the 12 to review. 2 of the 4, I was really surprised at how much I like them because they were really outside of my comfort zone.  Let's start with the 2 that are more my speed:

Flirty Tankini, described as a "Shimmery strawberry smoothie pink".  I must admit, this collection is the first neon collection I've ever seen that contained shimmer.  It's a welcomed change. Flirty Tankini is a pinky, slightly coral shimmer; great for the summer.  I shot these pictures with 2 coats but I would try 3 coats in order to not have visable nail lines.
Next, is Surfin' For Boys, described as a "Glistening bright coral".  Whereas Flirty Tankini is a pink with a slight coral, Surfin' For Boys is a Coral with a reddish, pink tone. I was able to achieve bottle color with only 2 coats.
Now, one of the 2 shades that I was really surprised at how much I like was I'm With The Lifeguard-described as "Glimmering lime green". This is a highlighter green with shimmer. The application was streaky, so I will try again after adding a little thinner. But this is a color that really took me by surprise. I'm glad I was forced outside my comfort zone.
Lastly, the shade that most resembles a traditional highlighter is Sun-Kissed-described as "Hot highlighter yellow". This one was more difficult to photograph, I was getting a greenish tint. But after reading others' blog post, it appears that they also found a greenish hue to this shade.  Sun-Kissed gave me the most trouble with the application. It was very streaky. But nonetheless, a pleasant surprise at how much I like this shade.

For the most part, this collection of neons is different from others, while it dries matte as most, as I mentioned, I had never come across shimmer neons.  They were more difficult to apply so I would suggest adding thinner.

These were due to be at retail buy June, 2012, so you should be able to find them now.  So if you are looking for something other than the normal flat neons, give China Glaze Summer Neons as try.

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* These sample products were sent to me for review consideration by the PR department of the Manufacturer. These however are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by this company. 


  1. I still need Sun-Kissed from that collection. I just love all of them and they look much better than the plain neon colors. The only down side for me is that the shimmer in my bottles sinks to the bottom :(


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