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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nanacoco Crystal HD Collection - Pt 1

Last week, I was in one of my local Beauty Supply Stores and as I turned the corner to go down another aisle, for a split second I thought I had found the mother-load of OPI DS polishes; all I saw were silver tops. Sadly, I was mistaken but I did find a line of nail polishes that I was not familiar with.  So today, I am sharing with you some of the Nanacoco Crystal HD Collection

I didn't purchase any the first time I saw them. I came home to do a little research. I inquired on several of the nail forums I belong to and with the exception of 1 or 2 ladies, no one was familiar with this brand.  After more research still, I was able to determine that Nanacoco is a part of the Annie brand.  Now Annie is a brand I have been familiar for many years. They produce several of the hair products & accessories that I have used over the years; however, I never knew that they also had a polish line.  My research tells me that in addition to their core classics collection and a neon collection, Nanacoco has also recently released their Nanacoco Crystal HD Collection-"formulated with dazzling crystal dust and pigments so saturated with color they glow". Well I can't say that these polishes glow but they are well worth taking a look at. 

So I went back and from the collection of 24, I purchased 7 (so far, LOL!)  They are all chrome-y, foils with crystal dust throughout.

If you have followed my blog or twitter page for any time, the colors I picked are no big surprise. The first polish I will share is Mystic #21008, a mid-purple, with steely-gray undertones.

Next, is Neon Flux #21012. The name completely throws me, there is nothing neon about this polish. It is a cool-toned green with silver undertones. Neon Flux is one of my favorites of the set I've purchased so far.

Then there is Ocean World #21022. A gorgeous steal blue. No surprise that I would love the blue.

Egyptian Secret #21009, is a coppery gold tone. This is a new penny look.


One shade I almost bypassed was Cyber Love  #21004. At first sight, it looked like just another silver, but upon further inspection, it is a taupe-y, silver with warm undertones. Not the stark silver I often disregard.

I had to get one of the pinks, and will most likely go back for some of the brighter magenta pinks, but this time I picked up Amethyst #21002. A soft pink.

And last, just for this post because I will be going back for more, but not least, is Eva's Memory #21014, a beautiful purple.  If I had to rank the set I've purchase so far, Eva's Memory would be in the top 3 for sure. But that would be a difficult call to make.

So that is it for now, but I'm sure that you will see other Nanacoco swatches from me in the near future. I still have 17 other shades to choose from in the Nanacoco Crystal HD Collection and two other collections to take a look at.  I have learned a valuable lesson with this adventure, don't overlook the beauty supply collections.  At least give them a try.

What beauty supply products have you given a second look and are glad you did?

  • Application: If done properly, you could probably get a fully opaque application with just one coat. But with my first try I experienced streaking, much like the streaking I get with holographic polishes. But with the second coat, the finish was just right.
  • Available: So far, I have only seen this line in 1 of my local beauty supply stores.
  • Price: Reg Price $1.99 ***WHAT?!?!***
  • Bottle Size: 16 ml, 0.54 fluid ounces
  • Selection:  Collections include classics, neons, and this Crystal collection
  • Brush: square brush head between a normal brush and the likes of an OPI pro-wide.

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* FTC: These products were bought with my own money. These are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by any of these companies. This is not a sponsored post.


ashley said...

I nominated you for the Liebster Awards. Check out my blog for the TAG info

Pinkypink said...

I saw these at my Beauty World store and I saw these and was so interested. I went back and bought like 5. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I have the 5, 4 other colors than the ones you bought. I love the color and the finish. They are amazing...Glad to see someone giving these gems praise! I bought the brightest pink there which is Hologram Maze. I really recommend it, its beautiful!

For Me, It Works... said...

@Ashley, thanks. I will be certain to look. Thanks again.

@Pinkyping, Thanks for visiting. I've already went back and picked up 5 more including Hologram Maze...LOL!

Pinkypink said...

HAHAH Your pt. 2 makes me wanna buy more..

For Me, It Works... said...

@Pinkypink, they are pretty. That's why I went back for part 2, LOL!

Cake-Pie said...

I loved the Amethyst, what a pretty color!! No way, 1.99? Gotta try these now.

Kath TheFabZilla said...

Oh wow! I love these lacquers. Hope I can find this brand in Hawaii. And it's only 1.99? I'll hoard!

Ania Fut said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chrissy said...

I saw them yesterday at my BSS......Im not really a fan. IDK yet maybe they'll grow on me.

For Me, It Works... said...

@Cake-Pie, they are def a must especially at $1.99 a bottle.

@Kath, Good Luck in finding them.

@Chrissy, I've had other collections grow on me too.

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