Nanacoco Crystal HD Collection - Pt 2

You may remember the blog post I did earlier this week in which I shared with you a hidden gem I found in one of my local beauty supply stores. Well I couldn't stand it any longer; I had to go back and get some more. Here are 5 other polishes I got from the Nanacoco Crystal HD Collection.  

Click here for Part 1 of the Nanacoco Crystal HD Collection.

Today I share with you Disco Generation #21010.  It is a foil Magenta with the crystal dust.

Next is a burnt orange foil, called It's Not A Dream #21018.

Another shade that caught my eye was, Mystic Rose #21016.  A pretty rose with golden undertones.

And if you have followed me on twitter or have read even a few of my blog posts, you know that I would grab another purple. This on is a violet-red purple called Hologram Maze #21015. I haven't seen any holo effects but it is still a gorgeous purple.

Lastly, from this trip to my local beauty supply store, I picked up a coral with pink undertones, call Star Dance #21005.

Just for kicks, I'm throwing in a few pictures of my naked nails...LOL!

Now, I'm not making any promises, but think I have purchased all from this collection that I desire. But we all know that that could change at any moment.  

Have you spotted any of these gems in your local BSS? If so, did you grab any? Which ones?

  • Application: If done properly, you could probably get a fully opaque application with just one coat. But with my first try I experienced streaking, much like the streaking I get with holographic polishes. But with the second coat, the finish was just right.
  • Available: So far, I have only seen this line in 1 of my local beauty supply stores.
  • Price: Reg Price $1.99 ***WHAT?!?!***
  • Bottle Size: 16 ml, 0.54 fluid ounces
  • Selection:  Collections include classics, neons, and this Crystal collection
  • Brush: square brush head between a normal brush and the likes of an OPI pro-wide.

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* FTC: These products were bought with my own money. These are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by any of these companies. This is not a sponsored post.


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