And the Oscar goes to...

9:24 PM

Orly Glitz!  When it comes to purchasing polishes, I am better able to step outside of my comfort zone but to actually wear those unfamiliar polishes, not so much.  Not until I see someone else wearing a similar shade, then I go and shop my stash. For most of my life I only wore yellow gold jewelry because it works so well with my skin tone, and up until now I had not tried gold nail polish.  I own a few that I would use for accent nails but never a full manicure.  Then one Sunday, it happened again.  I really do need to stop letting my eyes wander during prayer, LOL!  Again, when I should have been praying, I noticed a young lady's polish.  She was wearing a beautiful yellow gold polish and it complimented her skin tone very nicely. Similar to nudes and mannequins but with a subtle bling, this gold elongates my fingers.  Orly Glitz, a beautiful metallic foil buttery yellow gold.  It makes me think of an Oscar from the Academy Awards. 
Once again, Orly does not disappoint.  The application is smooth, as smooth as a metallic can be.  In these photos I am wearing 2 coats but I had really wanted to, I could have gotten away with 1 coat.  I see a little shinkage so I think that next time I will need to use some other top coat, not Seche Vite'. I found this shade at my local Sally but I have also seen it on some of the online retailers.  

So if you haven't given Orly a try, you really should and be a little daring and give Glitz a go. 

Grace and Peace.

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