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NOTD: OPI Rising Star, another gold finger...

11:28 PM

A few months ago I blogged about Orly Glitz, since then I have seen several people on MUA ask about different gold polishes. It seems that gold is undergoing a resurgence in popularity. Maybe because of the fast approaching Christmas holidays. But whatever the case, I will admit, and it is probably the same reason I prefer gold jewelry, I love the way it compliments my skin tone.

So today, I am finally sharing a polish that I have had since last holiday season. I'm certain that I am not the first to speak of this polish, but it is always good to see a shade on other skin tones.

For the winter/holiday season of 2010 OPI introduced 12 new polishes which made up the OPI Burlesque Collection.  Today I am reminding you of OPI Rising Star.  Rising Star is a gorgeous warm gold metallic foil. Whereas Orly Glitz is a butter yellow gold, OPI Rising Star is a cross between bronze, gold, and copper.  I must admit that this was a difficult shade for me to photograph. Depending on the lighting it took on several different shades, although it’s not a duochrome.  As you will see in the photos below, there are several different looks, all from the same polish.

NOTE:  I had to help with a move recently and to prevent any major damage, I filed  back my nails. It was successful, only casualty was a chipped thumbnail on my non-swatch hand. LOL!

Have you added any gold to your collection?

Bottle:         15 mL – 0.5 Fl Oz
Brush:         OPI Exclusive ProWide Brush
Price:           Reg. $8.50 however, I bought it on clearance for $4.99
Availability:  Discontinued. Some of the etailers may still carry it
Application: Normal for OPI, Smooth. In these pictures, I am wearing BC/TC, and 2 coats of NP
Selection:    This was part of a 12 color collection, but has since been discontinued.  OPI has a large ever changing selection.  They come out with several new collections throughout the year.  OPI also maintains a strong core collection readily available.

Remember, treat your nails and jewels not tools. Grace , Peace, and Blessings.

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