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REVIEW: Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Scrub

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One of my favorite parts of the week are the days I designate my DIY Spa Nights. So as a lover of scrubs and exfoliants, I was excited when iFabbo presented me with the opportunity to try the Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Scrub. I have tried several different scrubs and through my tries, I have definitely developed a list of likes and dislikes in scrubs. I am not a fan of oil-based scrubs. But that is not the case with this Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Scrub.  It is unlike any other scrub I've ever tried.

Before I go into my experiences with Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Scrub, let me share with you the their claims:

"More than a scrub, it's a true beauty treatment for the skin!  Perlier has extracted, from volcanic rocks, micronutrients that are essential and vital to the cells in the skin. ...it delivers dual rejuvenating and smoothing action! ...The larger mineral particles work with the Thermal water to stimulate regeneration deep in the epidermis while the finer powders smooth the skin, removing dead cells and rough areas, leaving the skin soft and velvety like truly 'new skin'."

  • Complex of key ingredients contains water from the hot spring concession located in the municipality of Abana Terme (Padua)
  • Helps optimize skin's elasticity for a more youthful appearance
  • Helps combat visible signs of aging such as the appearance of dull-looking skin
  • Formulated with key ingredients that are rich in mineral salts
  • Contains minerals of different particle size for dual rejuvenating and smoothing beauty action
  • Finer powders smooth skin and rough areas  
  • Made in Italy
My experiences: 

As I mentioned, I have tried several different scrubs, but again, I must say that this Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Scrub is unlike any I've ever tried.  This is a gel-based scrub.  The instructions suggest that it is massaged onto moist skin, but as I do with all my scrubs, I start with a dry skin application.  After massaging is onto my body parts, I rinsed it off and proceeded with my shower.  The scrub left my skin velvety smooth and soft.  

Living in Florida, I can't really tell, but my calendar tells me that the cooler months are fast approaching.  And like clock work every year around September/October, my skin starts to really peel.  It's during this time that I start to use scrubs even more frequently. Unlike some scrubs I've used, these granules are not harsh so I feel fine using this product several times a week.  I also found it great to use prior to shaving my legs.  You can see the various sizes of granules in the pictures below. Also, the scent is a bit "perfumey", but its not offensive and doesn't linger.  One thing I found odd when using this Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Scrub. With other scrubs, I tend to be heavy-handed with the amount of product I use, but for a reason, which I can't explain, I don't seem to use or need as much to get the same great results. Money-saver, LOL!

This Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Scrub can be purchased on HSN.com. To find this product in particular go to HSM.COM-Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa ScrubAlso, a thanks to iFabbo, HSN and Perlier.  In order to share with you, my readers, they have provided a coupon code for $5.00 off your next Perlier purchase on HSN.com At checkout use: iFabbo5

For more information on Perlier, check them out on their social media venues:
Twitter:  www.twitter.com/PerlierUSA (@PerlierUSA)

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* These products were provided by the Brand or by the representing PR firm for review consideration. These however are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by this company.

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