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REVIEW: Satya Jewelry - "Arm Yourself" with Arm Candy that Gives Back...

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Several weeks ago I was introduced to a jewelry line and given the opportunity to review a piece.  Aside from the very unique yet gorgeous pieces, what really made this line stand out for me is that they give back. 

Please allow me to introduce to you the Sayta Jewelry line; particularly, the "Arm Yourself" bracelet. This striking bracelet...the "Arm Yourself" bracelet comes in six vibrant colors. It really took me a while to decide on a color.  I went with the mustard yellow, thinking that it would best complement my skin tone.

But first, more about the Sayta Jewelry line; the line was started by two longtime friends Satya and Beth.  The company's Mantra is:

Satya Jewelry is handcrafted with the modern, fearless woman in mind. Designed for the journey, each Satya piece empowers adventurers to inspire and be inspired by the world. Meaningful, radiant, symbolic and powerful, Satya designs incorporate semi-precious stones and sacred symbols into pieces destined to become heirlooms. Satya Jewelry strikes a subtle balance between tradition and ever-evolving style, honoring the infinite potential of all who wear it.

I really do like the gold-plate over brass finish.  And the bracelet fits nicely on my 7.25" wrist.  I'm also impressed with the lobster-claw closure.

Be armed with energy and imagination when you wear our latest Arm Yourself Bracelets. Featuring a serpent coiled around a smooth silk band, it adds instant color and playfulness to any outfit. 10% of proceeds will benefit Home of Hope in Africa, which creates an opportunity for sustained physical, educational and holistic well being for exploited girls in South Africa.
Serpent - energy, eternity, immortality
- Gold plated over brass with silk
- Bracelet diameter- 2.25"
- Pendant- 1.75" wide

Of course I love to shop, but shopping that helps a cause is always more gratifying. 

I was also given the opportunity to pose a few questions to the Founders of Satya: 

Q1. I read that Satya and Beth are long time friends, but I'm curious, as children, were you also artistic? As children how were your artistic interests ignited? 
A1:  I always loved jewelry and grew up in a family of artists.  I could never draw but was very good working with my hands.  I started beading in High school moved to Aspen Colorado and sold my first collection to a small boutique.

Q2:  Both Satya and Beth seem to have done a great deal of international traveling. Do you see a vast difference in the artistic world of the US and other countries?  What can we, as influencers of children, help to develop their love of art?
A2:  I think you can find art in so many places I have twin boys who are 5 and I am always trying to encourage them to see the beauty in everything from old building in New York to the amazing Sky scrapers. Seeing the power of the ocean to the softness of dunes in Fire Island all add to a child’s interest to explore. Promoting a thought about all things sparks a creative interest.   

Q3: How are the proceeds from the "be armed" bracelets being used? 
A3:  It goes to the education of the young girls.

Q4: How do you select the charities you want to support? 
A4:  We try and work with grass root organizations so the money does not get diluted.  We love the charities we work with and have personal relationships with all of them.

Q5: Where can I find other pieces of Satya jewelry? 
A5:  We have 4 shops in New York, one in London and an amazing website. We also sell to about 350 retailers all over the world.

Just a few of the other Satya pieces I'm spying...
For more information on Satya, check them out on their social media venues:
Twitter:  www.twitter.com/satyajewelry (@SatyaJewelry)

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* These products were provided by the Brand or by the representing PR firm for review consideration. These however are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by this company.

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