Zoya Charla Comparisons...lots of them...

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I am so excited about this post. There is a side-by-side comparison that I have wanted to do for ages and I finally have all the pieces in place to do it; well at least until another brand adds to the list.  Zoya Charla is a well loved blue-green shimmer that I just added to my stash with this recent Zoya Earth Day promotion. I have often come across other polishes that would remind me of Zoya Charla, but it was not until now that I could do a real side-by-side comparison. The polishes I am showing are: (This list is the order in which they are shown on the wheels also-L to R).

  • Essence Choose Me ($0.99)
  • Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune ($1.99)
  • Zoya Charla ($8.00)
  • NYX Girls ($1.49)
  • Sinful Colors Kissy ($1.99)
  • Finger Paints Late Night Rendezvous ($4.99)

Looking at the bottles alone, you see that they are in the same family but that's where the similarities end.  Now let's look at them each with just one coat.
Slightly tilted

Direct shot
With just one coat there is less of a visible difference.  The are some differences in the shimmer colors and opacity, but not much. A muggle wouldn't have a clue. LOL!  Now let's look at them with two coats.

 What I see when comparing the six polishes are as follows:
  • Essence Choose Me - has more gold shimmer
  • Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune - more sheer, and has teal shimmer
  • Zoya Charla - the most opaque of the bunch
  • NYX Girls - most sheer with gold shimmer
  • Sinful Colors Kissy - gold shimmer
  • Finger Paints Late Night Rendezvous - more blue toned

Again, where a muggle may not see a difference, a true polish addict, can clearly see differences.  So if you can't get one, there are others that are at least in the same color family. I love doing comparisons and I hope this post has been beneficial to you.  Do you know of any other polishes similar to Charla that I have missed? I must admit, they are each very pretty.

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* FTC: These products were bought with my own monies. These are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by and of these companies. This is not a sponsored post.

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