Decisions, decisions, decisions…

10:06 PM

Choosing my next nail polish color is always so difficult.  They are all so pretty.  The last three colors I have worn were all dark, blue, - China Glaze Little Drummer Boy, Midnight Mission, and Up All Night.  I am trying to decide on a color not dark blue for my next choice.   I am torn between several colors: CG-Foxy, Awakening, Sex on the Beach, Hey Doll and OPI Berry Berry Broadway.  I think I am leaning toward Awakening.  It is a beautiful shade of Rose Pink with a gold shimmer undertone.  I will post pictures of my decision.

One other thing.  Good Grief!!!  I just place my first order with Transdesign.  I ordered 12 colors and am looking at several others.  My decisions will continue to become even more difficult. LOL!!!  Grace and Peace.

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