NOTD: Sally Hansen Commander in Chic

2:25 PM

Happy Saturday! Can you believe it, we have had over 25 days of below freezing temperatures in the state of Florida. There was even a day in which we saw snow flurries. LOL!!! So what better to do than stay in the house and play with polishes…

Sephora by OPI - Metro Chic, OPI - You Don't Jacque, Essie - Merino Cool, Sally Hansen - Commander in Chic and now China Glaze - Below Deck.  All very similar in tone.  Just so happened that I was in Wal-Mart and saw the Sally Hansen version and decided to give it a try.  BTW, I see that Wal-Mart now carries Essie ($7/bottle).  I have been wearing blues for so long, natural tones looks odd on my hand.  But I think I like it. 

The brush had me concerned; it is wide and square, not like the normal narrow brushes we have come to know.  But surprisingly I found this brush to be excellent.  I was able to polish my nails with no overflow.  The bristles flared out just enough to reach the sides and not overlap on to the cuticle.  I have a shipment from Trans Design due to arrive Monday.  I have ordered the China Glaze - Below Deck and am excited to do a comparison.  We shall see. 

BTW: If you want to see a side-by-side comparison of Metro Chic, Below Deck and Merino Cool, check out All-You-Desire.com. She did an excellent job in displaying the difference.

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