NOTD: My Private Jet and a Redirection

2:19 PM

NOTD: OPI-My Private Jet:  I must admit, I have taken a definite detour in my normal choices of color.  For years I was a die-hard red/berry only polish wearer.  But as of late, I am stepping out and have fallen in love with the blues, teals, and more fashion forward colors.  Today I tried OPI-My Private Jet and must admit, I really like it.  I know that many say there has been a color/formula change with MPJ and while I have been unable to find a comparison of the two, whichever it is that I have, I like it and would repurchase. 

Off topic (kind of), when I started this blog it was to be directly at beauty in general-hair, skin, nails, etc. I have since been introduced to the world of nail bloggers and my page has been more directed towards nails and nail products.  So I have made a decision to redirect my blog to focus mainly on nails.  I will add a  page where I will list my other favorite beauty products and from time-to-time, may blog about different products but for now I will remained focused on nails.  More to come…

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