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NOTD: China Glaze-Stella & Nail Progress Update

10:03 AM

Happy Friday!!!  First, I started this mani by removing 9 layers of polish using the foil method. If you haven’t tried this polish removal method, it really does work.  Give it a try, especially with glitter polish.  I started my regular nail regimen in early December, 2010.  So looking back to my first blog through today, I see a fair amount of growth.  I have continued with the same regimen that I noted in my first blog.  The biggest issue I have had during this time is deciding on nail polish colors. LOL!!! In the past, I stuck with the reds and berries.  I have since ventured out to the more fashion forward shades of blues, greens, purples, and blacks; which I am loving!

China Glaze - Stella
So for my NOTD, I have had at least 5 bottles sitting on my desk for the last week: all varying shades of purple.  So what did I decide on?  Thanks to RMCANDLELIGHT of Nails Beautiqued, China Glaze - Stella won out. Stella is a beautiful violet purple shimmer with more red than China Glaze - Let's Groove, which is a more blue purple, but still in my inventory to be worn at a later date.  It also appears to be in the  same family as ChG Cowgirl Up, maybe someone can do a comparison. So I will be sporting Stella for a while. It is so pretty!  But be on the lookout, I am expecting my latest order from Trans Design either today or Monday...yippee, more toys!

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