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It's Been One Month...

7:36 PM

Well it was one month ago today, Dec 10, 2010, that I decided to start taking care of my nails again. Growing my nails long is not really a problem for me; it’s in the genes, it’s just me taking the time to take care of them. I will admit that as a child, I was a nail bitter. What stopped me? My best friend and I made a bet to see who could grow their nails the longest. I won. Over the past month, I have been experimenting with colors outside of my normal reds and berries. I have been wearing a lot of dark blues, and must admit I really do like the look. I have also been getting a lot of compliments. 

China Glaze - Up All Night
Over the past few weeks, I have purchased several new colors. By some of my choices, I am really surprised at myself, but can’t wait to try them. During this time I have also found Seche Vite’. This is a great top coat. It really does what it says, “Fast Dry Top Coat”. While my normal nail regimen has worked wonderfully for me I have been reviewing several You Tube videos and found one that does help in the polish removal process. Youtube-How to Remove Nail Polish. Thanks, SimpleLittlePleasures. Also during this time of research I have realized that there a many others that love nail polishes as much as I do, so I feel quite at home with all the other polish bloggers. I am not big on designs and effects, but I do love neatly polished nails. So I will be enjoying all the newly found blogs and videos. Grace and Peace.
Recently Purchased:
China Glaze:
• Awaken
• Black Diamond – This should be really pretty.
• Bogie
• Emerald Fitzgerald – I surprised myself by purchasing a green. That is so not the norm for me.
• Foxy
• Hey Doll
• Little Drummer Boy – Wore this for New Years and loved it.
• Liquid Leather
• Long Kiss – This was my Christmas red.
• Midnight Mission – LOVE THIS COLOR. Received so many compliments.
• Sex on the Beach – Pretty color and love the name. LOL!!!
• Up All Night – I am really surprised at how much I am really loving the blues. This is another good choice.
• Lincoln Park After Dark
• Rising Star
• Take the Stage
• Teasy Does It
• The Show Must Go On

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