NOTD: China Glaze Let's Groove

11:04 PM

China Glaze Let's Groove
Today's entry is China Glaze Let's Groove from the Retro Diva Collection of 2009.  IRL it is an eggplant purple.  This photo is showing more blue purple than it really is.  Maybe one day I will get the hang of real-life color in my photos. Scrangie did a review on this collection back in 2009 and she mentioned that this collection has that "lit from within" look and I definately agree. Don't hold this against me, LOL, I was siting in church this evening and couldn't help but to notice and be distracted by the internal glow this color seems to have.  I have several others from this collection and think I need to get a few others.  The application was smooth.  As photographed, this is two coats.  As I have mentioned on numerous occassions, I love Purples so I would be hard pressed to have anything truly negative to say about this one.  It is gorgeous!

To see Scrangie's reveiw, click HERE.

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