NOTD: China Glaze-Tempest (Autism Awareness)

3:45 PM

Saturday is not normally one of my posting days, but I find myself in a posting situation.  For the month of April, I have been posting Blues on Mondays for Autism Awareness, so a few days early but still in support of the cause, I give you China Glaze Tempest.  I have had this polish for quite some time.  I bought it because of a swatch post I saw by Lacquerized.  She had some of the best swatches and although she is no longer blogging, I still look back at them as a shopping cataglog, LOL!!!  Tempest is part of the China Glaze permanent collection and can be found at Sally.  It is a pearlized purplish-blue.  And with it being pearl, you know that means brushstrokes, so I carefully applied 3 coats to reach the level of opacity as seen in the photos.  When compared to the bottle the colors, IMO, appear different.  The bottle has a definite purple tone but upon application you get the blue/purple duochrome.  So don't let the bottle fool you.  I have seen several others layering with Tempest so this is a good one to have in your inventory.  My blue and purple lovers should like China Glaze Tempest.

Review:  The  formula is consistent with most China Glaze but a bit runny. 

 Grace and Peace.

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