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Pink Wednesday: China Glaze Electra Magenta (Tronica)

10:53 PM

China Glaze - Electra Magenta
This is going to be quick. For today's Pink Wednesday I chose Electra Magenta from China Glaze (Tronica Collection).  Since I liked High Def so much, I felt compeled to try another.  Just like High Def, Electra Magenta was also thick and goopy.  I must remember to add thinner next time.  In these photos I am weating 2 coats. However it was opaque with just one coat.  I still love the Tronica collection.  The scatter holo is beautiful!  I went and got my first Spring/Summer pedi today and now my POTD is also Electra Magenta...I know, matchy, matchy!!!

Grace and Peace.
China Glaze - Electra Magenta

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