Kreativ Blogger Award...WOW!!!

1:10 PM

I was recently tagged by the very sweet blogger of My Nail Polish Online. Thanks. As I have said many times before, when I started my blog, never did I think that there was an entire nail blogging world out there. Everyone that I have "met" in this very short time has been so kind and helpful. I am glad to have come across this world because most of my muggle (non-polish people) friends just don't understand my hobby.
So, the rules of this award is to tell you 10 things about myself. OK, so in the attempt not to repeat previous things I have told you, here goes...
  1. Throughout my life I have had 4 cats, each was either taken in as a stray or adopted from a shelter. I would still love to have a Maine Coon-Big Cat!!!
  2. I hope to one day adopt a child. I have already gone through the state's program to foster/adopt.
  3. I played the flute from 5th grade through junior high.
  4. I am the youngest of three.
  5. Not sure if my passion for polish is rebellion or not, but as a child, my father did not allow me to wear polish, not even clear. Wonder what he would say now? LOL!!!
  6. Although I live in Florida, I only like the beach after it at night.
  7. Not since I was born (40+) have I spent a night in the hospital. That's a blessing!
  8. I love Mexican food!
  9. I love the sound of the ocean.
  10. My ideal home would be on a mountain cliff overlooking the ocean.
So, next in the rules for this award is to award (tag) 10 others. So here goes and if you have already been awarded (tagged) before that proves how stylish you are.
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Grace and Peace to All.

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