NOTD: Orly Bus Stop Crimson-My All Time FAVORITE Red!!!

During this recent nail journey, I have tried to stay away from my old faithful colors--reds, and berries. I have worn blues, purples, teals, and some greens, but was determined to not fall back on my old classics. But this upcoming Friday is my birthday and I decided to go to my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! and it is Orly Bus Stop Crimson--RED!!!! This is my perfect red!!! Not too blue, and not too orange. Fortunate for me, it is part of the Orly core collection and easy to find.  Years ago, I wore Helena Rubinstein pretty much 100% of the time, but that line was discontinued in the US so I had to find an alternative. And the angels smiled and showed me Orly Bus Stop Crimson--Hallelujah!  No matter what season I wear this shade, I get compliments.  It's the perfect Christmas Red; the perfect Summer Red; it's just my perfect Red! 

Orly Bus Stop Crimson-Flash
  • Orly Bus Stop Crimson is a deep, warm red cream. It is part of the Orly core line and easy to find at your local Saly Beauty Supply Stores.
  • Application is smooth; this is two coats with BC and TC. It is streaky with only one coat, so two coats is a must.
  • There are not many polishes that I feel the need to have backups for but this is a definite-I currently own 2 bottles.
Remember, Treat your nails as jewels, not tools.  Grace and Peace.


  1. Well, I know what Orly I'm getting next. That red is gorgeous. It is the perfect red for you. I love deep reds like this.

  2. Look at your nails grow! The look so great and grow fast, huh? Lovely color to showcase your new length and I actually think this the perfect length. :)

  3. Thanks, yes they do grow fast. I get that from my mother. Each length has its merits.

  4. That colour looks AMAZING on you! And your nails are perfect! x

  5. Happy Birthday!!! That red is soooo rich and succulent, just delicious! love it!

  6. @loodie3, Thanks and yes, as I said I love this red!

  7. this is a very dark red, like blood...interesting. Not my style, but looks great on you!


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