Forced to start over...

7:11 PM

Good Day All! Happy May 1st! This year is moving fast. Sorry I have not posted recently but I have been dealing with a move so I have been out of pocket for a while. Anyway, as a result of the move I broke 5 nails (4 on the right and 1 on the left). UGH!!! Sad, but a fact of reality. So I decided to cut them all off and start over, documenting my growth progress here on my blog. Although I like my nails long, I must admit that I love the freedom of nubby-land. So here is the photo documentation of the starting point-what I like to call the "Moving Massacre".  As you can see, when I say “start over”, I mean start over.  My nails haven’t been this short in about 6-7 months.  But I will be following my regimen and using my cuticle oil, to get them back in shape and to a length more pleasing to me. Obviously, these photos are before I do my first mani; it is just showing the cut; so please excuse the cuticles and jaged edges.  I will post again later, showing the first mani.  Anyway, more later.  Grace and Peace.

Right Hand Starting Point
Left Hand Starting Point

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