Unexpected Skittles…

2:39 PM

When I first started my For Me, It Works... blog, I would see other bloggers talking about Skittles. As far as I knew, Skittles is a candy. Then I saw that they were actually talking about polishing their nails multi-colors…WHAT!?!  Who does that?!  Months went by and I still would not consider Skittles.  (Although they are one of my favorite candies).  I was a die-hard red and berry only wearer.  Anyway, this week I have been trying to decide on a polish color for my next manicure and I just could not decide. So I thought that I would swatch a few colors and maybe I would be inspired. And before I knew it, I had a Skittle manicure, LOL!!!  Not that I would wear it in a professional environment, but I must admit, it’s kind of cute.  These pictures are pre-clean up but just thought that I would share with my friends.  At the time of this posting, I am still undecided but am leaning toward the Sally Hansen Real Teal or maybe one not even included in my swatches, LOL!!!  The Skittle colors selected were as follows:

Grace and Peace.

Left Hand:
Right Hand:
China Glaze Laser Lime
Orly Razzle
Ring Finger
China Glaze Street Racing
OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui
Middle Finger
OPI Senorita Rose-Alita
China Glaze Far Out
Index Finger
Sally Hansen The Real Teal
Essie Smooth Sailing
Finger Paints Artistic Azure
China Glaze Awaken

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