NOTD: Color Club – Wild At Heart + Shrinkage (UGH!)

1:13 PM

This was my first try with a Color Club polish.  I had seen many swatches of Color Club Wild At Heart and fell in love.  It was a must have for my collection.  I have mentioned several times how much I love my purples and this one is no different.  Wild At Heart is a holoish-purple.  Each time I look at it, I think of a grape jelly purple-a true purple.   It has a slight holo effect.  It is in the same family as China Glaze Virtual Violet from the Tronica collection.  As for my opinion of the polish itself: In the pictures this is 2 coats, along with base coat and top coat.  The application is smooth and caused no issues.  With regards to the bottle, I am still a fan of longer brush handles, like those with China Glaze, Finger Paints, Orly and OPI.  The short brushes like those found with Essie, and Color Club, I am not a fan of.    

I mentioned the top coat.  With this application, I used Seche Vite’ Fast Drying Top Coat.  While it does actually dry my polishes extremely fast (approximately 15 minutes), I know that many have complained of shrinkage.  Up to this point I had never personally experienced shrinkage but I had read on several blogs and Make Up Alley that Seche Vite’ and certain polishes did not work well together.  Well I can now add Color Club Wild At Heart to that list.  This was my first experience with shrinkage.  Next time I will try another Fast Dry Top Coat, perhaps, Poshe’.  I am spoiled now and will not ever wait for my polish to dry.  But overall, I really do like Color Club Wild At Heart!!!  Purple lovers, it’s a Must!!! 

Comparison-Wild at Heart (Left) vs. Virtual Violet (Right)

Grace and Peace.

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