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During the initial part of my healthy hair journey, I sought out products and methods that would benefit my hair and its health.  One of the methods I discovered was sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase and/or using a satin or silk head scarf.  During this journey even if I didn't use my satin head scarf, I would always sleep on a satin pillowcase.  I often used the terms "silk" and "satin" interchangeably, although I knew there was a difference.
It was during my journey that I discovered that many of the products I had incorporated into my hair regimen were also beneficial to my face, nails, & body.  One in particular was that for the same reason sleeping on satin or silk was good for my hair, it is also good for my facial skin.  Sleeping on cotton-based pillow cases pulls the moisture out of your hair leaving it dry.  The same goes for sleeping on a cotton-based pillow case and it pulling the moisture out of your facial skin.  We've all awakened with those "sleep creases" that take forever to plump up and go away.  And as I get older, I am constantly looking for products to fight the signs of aging.  I was recently given the opportunity to try a LovaSilk 100% Silk pillowcase.  This lead me to research what, if any, are the difference between silk and satin?  I learned that silk is a natural fiber whereas, satin is a method of weaving the man-made fibers. Also, that silk is more durable than satin.  Silk has a shimmering appearance, whereas, satin is glossy.
So what are the benefits of sleeping on 100% Silk?
·         It helps to keep your face healthy. Your face has more contact with your pillowcase than any other fabric. So, if you want to keep your face looking refreshed, your choice in pillowcase is very important.
·         Helps your skin retain moisture. With one of the lowest absorption rates of any fabric on the market, sleeping on silk is one of the best options for helping your skin maintain its natural moisture. Save money on expensive moisturizing creams by retaining more moisture in your face to begin with, by sleeping on silk pillowcases. 
·         It’s naturally hypoallergenic. Some of silk’s hypoallergenic properties include a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mold, in addition to many other allergens.
·         Silk has amino acids in common with your skin and hair. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help your skin stay healthy and smooth while reducing facial wrinkles. If you’re only going to invest in one piece of silk bedding to start with, the silk pillowcase provides a lot of benefit for the cost.
·         Reduces bed head and split ends. Are you tired of waking up in the morning and having hair that looks like you just stuck your finger in a socket? Sleeping on luxury silk pillowcases will help keep that bed head under control. And since silk has so many amino acids in common with your hair, it will help reduce damage, like spilt ends, as well. For your hair, it truly does pay to sleep on a silk pillowcase.

If you have followed my blog or followed me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that one of my favorite past-times is taking Sunday afternoon naps. So you can imagine my excitement when this opportunity presented itself. I was able to review a product that will benefit both my hair and skin, all while napping.  Other than testing Chocolate, what could be better? LOL!

So once I woke up, what were my experiences using my LovaSilk 100% Pillowcase?

First Impressions:
·         As I mentioned, I have been sleeping on a satin pillowcase for several years, but this 100% silk pillowcase is far softer than any satin product I've slept on previously.  Where the polyester satin products would sometimes snag my hair, this 100% silk did not; and presented no friction whatsoever.
·        I remember the first time I stayed at the Waldorf Astoria New York. At that point, those were the most luxurious sheets I had ever slept on. After sleeping on this LovaSilk 100% Silk Pillowcase, I now had a new standard for Luxury.
·         Living in Florida, the tempature of your home can change  drastically
throughout the night. These LovaSilk 100% Silk pillowcases, helped to regulate my body tempature. I can't wait to see how they react during our hot summers.
·         On those occassions, that I had fallen asleep on a cotton pillow, may hair paid dearly; dry, frizzy, and often tangled. However, with this LovaSilk 100% Silk pillowcase, without my scarf, my hair remained moisturized, and smooth.

·         I am fighting a battle against aging, and sleeping on a 100% silk pillowcase has been beneficial.  I have not experienced any of those nasty face "sleep creases".

So as we are fast approaching the holiday shopping season, we all have those people that are difficult to shop for or we know that person, who every year we ask ourselves, "what do you buy for the person that has everything?"  A great Holiday Gift Suggestion: Buy them a bit of Luxury.  Get either a set of LovaSilk 100% Silk pillowcases or really go all out and get them a full set of LovaSilk 100% Silk Bedding. While it may seem like a splurge, it is really a healthy and beneficial item we should all have.  There is nothing like getting into a luxurious bed after a hectic day. This LovaSilk 100% Silk Bedding is the perfect ending to that less than perfect day. 

LovaSilk has issued a limited time discount code to be used at their online store: www.lovasilk.comThe code is sobeauty2012 and is good for an additional 10% off any order on the LovaSilk site during the holidays, including sale items.  LovaSilk also offers some of the best shipping I've seen. Click Here for shipping policy.
So for that person on your list that loves or just deserves some luxury, or even better, for yourself as a reward for the year you've survived, I would strongly suggest, getting some of the LovaSilk 100% Silk Bedding.  It will be the best night's rest you've had in a long time.

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.
* This product was sent to me for review consideration by the Manufacturer. These however are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by this company.

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