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PARNEVU Hair Products Giveaways and Coupon Codes!!!

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A few months ago I was given the opportunity to review some Parnevu Hair Products.  If you are interested in reading my blog post on the 3 products I reveiwed, click Here. While 2 of the 3 products did not agree with my hair type, that does not mean that they won't work for you.  I was just sent a list of Parnevu Hair Products giveaways and coupon codes.  So here is your chance to win or purchase at a discount some Parnevu Hair Products
What are Parnevu Hair Products?

Parnevu has 2 product lines, T-Tree Oil and Extra-Dry Hair.

The Parnevu T-Tree Oil products are uniquely formulated to promote growth, prevent hair breakage, repair split ends, and eliminate dry scalp, leaving your hair healthy, vibrant and strong.
The Parnevu For Extra-Dry Hair products are a complete line of salon-quality, styling,and maintenance products formulated to fight the effects of extremely dry hair and scalp.

PARNEVU Extra-Dry Salon Shampoo, After Shampoo Conditioner, and Vita Gro
Hosted by: Donna's Deals and More
Ends: 11/5/2012

PARNEVU T-Tree Shampoo, Extra Dry After Shampoo Conditioner, and Extra Dry Shining Gel
Hosted by: Missy's Product Reviews
Ends: 11/5/2012

PARNEVU T-Tree Shampoo, T-Tree Leave-In Conditioner, and Extra Dry After Shampoo Conditioner
Hosted by: Giveaway Guru
Ends: 11/12/2012

PARNEVU T-Tree Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner, and Creme Glosser
Hosted by: Simply Raising 8
Ends: 11/24/2012


Free Shipping (no minimum purchase)
Code: ship4me (Ends: 12/3/2012)
Sponsored by:
Cake Mom

Save 25% on the purchase of 3 or more products
Code: drama2go (Ends: 12/4/2012)
Sponsored by:
Hair and Skin Care

Code: give4mom (ends: 12/4/2012)
Sponsored by:
Giveaways 4 Mom
Code: daisy25 (ends: 12/4/2012)
Sponsored by:
Daisy's Reviews

Code: Gold2Buy (Ends: 12/10/2012)
Sponsored by:
Your Golden Ticket

*Please note: The Parnevu Hair Product lines are NOT exclusive to ethnic hair types and textures. Have more questions about the Parnevu Hair Products? Please visit the Parnevu website, buy clicking Here. 

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

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