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Host of Holos: Layla Hologram Effects Swatches

12:00 AM

It was about this same time last year that I first saw this brand, it was love at first sight. Layla Cosmetics Hologram Effect Nail Polishes...OMG!!! While I have been loving nail polishes for decades, it was really only in the last 3-4 years that I started collecting them. So I missed out on the earlier collections like China Glaze OMG, Nfu-Oh and OPI DS. The first full holo collection that I was able to acquire was the China Glaze Tronica collection.  While there have been other holo collections, not many have the strong holo effect of the earlier brands.  So when I encountered the Layla Hologram Effect, I knew I had to own at least some of them. During the Spring of 2012, Ulta and Ulta.com was the best place to purchase them and you can believe I did.  

I purchased 5 of the collection. They are the following:

Layla Coral Glam: not that I would ever consider my skin tone "coral", but for me, this is an excellent neutral with a little bling. I would definitely consider this "office safe".  I am only wearing 2 coats here, but I would absolutely go for 3-4 coats next time. 

Another shade I purchased was Layla Retro Pink. It's a mid-pink, but not too "in your face". Definitely one that needed to be in my collection.

Of course there would be a purple in my shopping bag. Layla Ultra Violet is a gorgeous mid-range purple. The linear holo effect was very evident. 

Layla Mermaid Spell is another must have. Truth be told all of the collection are "must haves". Anyway, Mermaid Spell is an absolutely gorgeous light blue-green. Of the five I own this is probably my number 2...can you guess #1? As with all of these polishes, I used 2 coats, but with future manicures I will go for 3-4 coats. Since this line is fast drying that won't be an issue.

That's right, my favorite of this Layla Holo haul is Layla Ocean Rush.  Look at this blue. What can I say? Photos don't even do it justice. There was no question that I would own this. A Blue Holo? Hello! This blue has a turquoise undertone but is definitely blue.

As with most holographic nail polishes, there is some sort of care that needs to be taken with their application-an aqua base coat  or a specialty buffer.  While I do own an aqua base coat and a holo specialty buffer, in these applications, I wanted to try them with just a normal fine grit buffer. I also allowed each coat to dry so that I would experience any dragging as is often the case with holo polishes.

Layla Cosmetics suggests the use of their 2-sided emery board. In addition, they provide these instructions for optimal application:


1. On clean bare nails, take the Layla 2-sided emery board marked ‘side 1’ and rub all over the nail.
2. Immediately buff the nails with ‘side 2’ and a glossy base coat will appear.
3. Apply one full coat of Hologram Effect nail polish onto the nail. Wait a couple of seconds to add the second coat.  
4. Apply Top Coat.

Layla Cosmetics Hologram Effect’s fast drying, high coverage polish will last 1 week.  The revolutionary formula will not stain the nail and is free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde and DBP. Choose from 8 intense colors to produce holographic nail art at your fingertips: Mercury Twilight, Coral Glam, Retro Pink, Ultra Violet, Jade Groove, Mermaid Spell, Ocean Rush and Flash Black.

While I purchased mine from Ulta.com, I recently checked and did not see the brand listed on their website. Layla is still available at Zappos.com and Aveyou.com.  So if you are a holo-aholic such as myself, you need to add some of these to your collection.  What are some of your favorite holographic brands?

BTW: I was sent a bottle of Layla Coral Glam to review, but since I had already purchased one for myself, I decided that I would eventually include the extra bottle as part of a giveaway, so keep your ears perked.

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* FTC: These products were bought with my own money, unless otherwise noted. These are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by any of these companies. This is not a sponsored post.

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