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Glitter Galore: Barielle Bling-Purple Hearts & Starchild

12:00 AM

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review some of the Barielle Nail Lacquers and Nail products.  I was excited because I have always thought of Barielle as a high-end, high quality brand. This may sound odd, but I still remember the sense of pride I felt when I purchased my first Barielle nail lacquer.

So being that I am currently going through a serious glitter craze, two of the polishes I selected were Barielle's Purple Hearts and Starchild

Purple Hearts

Barielle Purple Hearts is a gorgeous clear based glitter with purple, silver, & holo glitters in addition to larger purple hexagonals.  The glitters are densely packed so the application was easier than many glitters I have dealt with. There was not need to "place" the glitters.

Purple Hearts is great for layering. You are only limited by your creativity.  The first base I chose was the vibrant royal purple-China Glaze Creative Fantasy.  I love how the holo glitters pop with this manicure combination. 

Another color combination I decided to try was a lighter pale purple to show all the detail of the Barielle Purple Hearts; for that, I chose China Glaze Sweet Hook. With this lighter base, the micro glitters are more evident and the ease of application is understandable. You can see the even spread of the glitters.

The next glitter I chose was Barielle Starchild. It's an absolutely gorgeous silver, densely packed, holographic glitter, with both micro and hexagonal glitters.  I have seen many other holo glitters, but this has an awesome holo effect.  

So far, I am loving the Barielle glitters. They spread evenly and don't require placing the glitters, like so many of the other glitters need. Starchild will complement any base color.  But one of the first colors I selected was China Glaze Grape Juice. This darker base, helped to bring out the various particles in Barielle Starchild. Whether I was using flash lighting or natural light, the holographic glitters popped!

The last for this post I decided to combine with Barielle Starchild is a silver base. I chose Nfu-Oh 61 (silver holographic). This combination was one of those I just couldn't stop staring at. I realize that it is just May 3rd, but I have already claimed this as a New Years Eve manicure. This very well may be my favorite silver holograpic glitter.  It will definitely need to do a comparison of those that I own.
Barielle is a brand that I have been aware of for many years, and I prior to this opportunity, I did own a couple shades. I look forward to wearing the other Barielle polishes now in my collection.  As I mentioned earlier, I still remember the first Barielle I purchased-Berry Blue, big surprise! I just wish they were more readily available. For me, products like nail polish are those that I like to see in person.  What are some of your favorite Barielle Nail Lacquers and/or Nail Products?

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* This product was sent to me for review consideration by either the manufacturer or the PR firm representing the manufacturer. These however are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by this company.
Barielle Nail Mail!!!

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