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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Charged and Busted!!!

W/ & W/O Pure Ice Busted
IRL that would not be a good combination but on the nails, it's like magic.  Orly Charged Up layered with Pure Ice Busted is a marriage made in nail polish heaven.  I am not very familiar with all the Zoya polishes but it reminds me of one of the many swatches I have seen, maybe Faye.  Combined, this is a medium purple with a purple-pink shimmer overlay.  Alone Orly Charged Up is a medium purple in the same family as OPI Funky Dunkey and China Glaze Grape Pop.  For most purple people, alone, this is a great grape shade and could easily stand on its own.  I had a mishap at the end of my mani so I had to redo my left middle finger.  Looking on the brightside, I am better able to show you a before and after comparison.  To get the level of opacity and depth of color, as shown in the photo, it took 3 coats. However it is opaque with just 2 coats.  Next, I layered Pure Ice Busted.  Which, on its own, is a very sheer purple with pink shimmers.  Again, in this photo, I am wearing 2 coats of Busted. I missed out on Pure Ice Purple Reign but Busted is also a great layering polish to have in your colllection.

Orly Charged Up layered w/ Pure Ice Busted
Review Summary: 
Orly Charged Up: Opaque with 2 coats, bottle color with 3 coats.  Application is normal for Orly cremes-smooth.
Pure Ice Busted: SHEER!!!; wouldn't begin to guess the number of coats required to achieve any level of opaqueness. 

Pure Ice has several great layering polishes.  In addition to Purple Reign and Busted, there is Heartbreaker, Lilac Ice, Strapless, and Watermelon Ice.  What other polishes have you found to have good layering shades?

BTW: My new camera is scheduled to be delivered Tuesday. Yipeeee!!!

Grace and Peace.


Rachel Marie said...

It looks super blingy :)

rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

I'm blinded by the gorgeousness!!! :D

For Me, It Works... said...

@Rachel Marie, It is. Thanks.
@Rmcandlelight, LOL! Thanks.

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

Oh wow, I have both of those and never thought of putting them together. Gorgeous!
I love the Pure Ice layering polishes and used one (can't remember which right now) on my last mani too - which reminds me, I need to post that...

For Me, It Works... said...

Thanks. Please do post it. I am loving the Pure Ice polishes. Must look everytime I go into Wal-Mart.

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