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Friday, May 6, 2011

NOTD: OPI-In The Spot-Light Pink

Good Day All.  I'm so sorry that it has been a while since my last post, but as I explained, I am going through a move so things have been a bit hectic.  In my last post I showed you the results of my move; I broke and/or cracked 5 nails.  And as a result, I decided to cut them all back to nubs and start over.  It had been many months since I had nubbie nails so it was difficult to decide on the 
Pre-Polish Mani
color of polish to wear for the my mani.  After much thought, I decided on a natural look.  Before my "move massacre" I had purchased from the OPI Femme De Cirque collection, In The Spot-Light Pink.  So here it is, but first, my pre-polish mani. As you look back to previous postings, you will see that this is a drastic cut back.  My nails use to be about a 5-6 on a acrylic nail form and now they are nubbies.  As I have said before, the sense of freedom with nubbies is a welcomed change, but I will be glad to have my long nails back.  I am fortunate that because of genetics, my nails tend to grow fairly fast. 

OPI, In The Spot-Light Pink
Now on to the review,  I had been looking for a "natural" polish for ages; not too pink, and not too opaque.  I think I have found it in OPI In The Spot-Light Pink.  It gives my nails a slight pink appearance but you can still see the natural nail beneath.  In this photo, I am wearing a BC (Gelous), two coats of OPI ITSLP, and one coat of SV.  The Pro-Wide brush and OPI formulation, made the application smooth and without issue.  I will eventually wear my beloved darker shades but for now, I am actually liking this sheer, pale, shade of pink and my nubbies.

Grace and Peace.


Cris at Let them have Polish! said...

I am lalalaloving this Pink. It looks great on your nails because u have such pretty nail beds :)

Jackie S. said...

Oh this definitely works for you, love it!!

MyNailpolishOnline said...

This color is beautiful! I'm into natural colors too right now!

You have an award on my blog! ;)

For Me, It Works... said...

Thanks. I finally found the sheer pink I have been looking for. Awww! Thanks for the award.

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