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Sunday, May 12, 2013

TUTORIAL: Color Club Patchwork Manicure

Not too long ago, I posted a quick manicure I did while playing with my Color Club Halo Hues from the 2012 collection. I had a few people ask for a tutorial so I thought I would do a post explaining this really simple nail art.

First, I lined up my 2012 Color Club Halo Hues.  I believe that this would work with most holographic polishes, whereas polishes like creams, would have a different effect. It's the effect of the holographic polish that plays tricks on your eyes and adds to the overall look of the manicure.

I took my first polish, Cherubic and applied 1 decent coat, not too thick but thick enough to get full coverage.  Let it dry. Since I will be overlapping other polishes, I don't want the colors to mingle on the brushes.

Next line up the other polishes, I alternated with Blue Heaven, Cloud Nine, Angel Kiss and Halo-Graphic.

This really is a very simple manicure. I have added this diagram to show how I applied the polishes. Base Color, another color diagonal across, and the third color down one half of the nail. That's it. I am not one for complicated and detailed nail art. It's all smokin' mirrors. LOL! 

When applying the diagonal colors, again it's just one coat. If the coats are too thick they won't "bleed through" to give you the same effect.  Just remember the colors you use on the diagonal, Left to Right, use in the reverse order on the vertical line. (1-2-3-4, 4-3-2-1).
Once the diagonal color has dried to the touch, it's time to apply the vertical color. Again, just one thin coat. Again, remember, 1-2-3-4, 4-3-2-1.  And that's it!

As you can see, by not applying the colors too thick they appear to "bleed through" each layer; giving you a rainbow holographic effect.

I hope you like this and I hope that for those who requested a tutorial, that this was helpful. I love holographic polishes and Color Club has some of the best. What are some of your favorite holographic polishes?

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* FTC: These products were given to me as a gift from a fellow nail enthusiast.  These are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by any of these companies. This is not a sponsored post.


Anissa Sherman said...

wow! i had no idea it was that simple of a technique! the effect is just beautiful! thank you for sharing the tutorial :)

formeitworks said...

LOL! Yes, it's all smokin' mirrors. I just don't have the patience for complicated nail art. Thanks for visiting.

pretty nail said...

pretty! must try it. it looked so hard..but i think i can do it. :0D

formeitworks said...

Thanks. I'm sure you can do it. Thanks for visiting.

Annie Suzie said...

quite gorgeous!

formeitworks said...

Thanks and it was so easy. My kind of nail art. LOL!

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