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Monday, March 12, 2012

RIP Gizzy Girl - 1/3/1999-3/11/2012

This wasn't the blog post I had originally scheduled for today, but as a dedication to one of my fur babies, I decided to change it.

It was January 2000. I had just closed on my town home the previous month. I woke up one Saturday morning determined to head over to PetSmart with the intention of bringing home a fur baby.  I went to the adoption area and saw all the kitties.  There was one cage that was housing 2; one was a Siamese mix (later named Taz) and the other was a tan kitty with stubby legs (later named Gizzy). The Siamese kitty, wouldn't even face the front of the cage but the stubby legged kitty was front and center.  My original intent was to bring one 1 kitty, but because these 2 appeared to be comfortable with with other, I decided to not break up the pair and adopted the 2.

The Many Faces of Gizzy
Over the years, the 2 became a very important part of my family. I would come home from work to the unconditional love of the two.  It was about 2 weeks after I had adopted them, that I witnessed Gizzy's first seizure. I had never experienced anything like that before.  I called the adoption agency and they told me that I could bring her back and select another cat. But I also knew that if I did that, they would put her "down".  If you have ever had a pet, you know that by 2 weeks, I already loved them and there was no taking them back.  I took her to my vet and they examined her and could not determine the cause. She was put on phenobarbital to control the seizures. Unless you witnessed her having a seizure, you would never know that anything was wrong with her.  

Gizzy, Taz and I have been together for 12 years, but Gizzy has now been called to kitty heaven.  I can picture my little fat baby with wings.  I'm now concerned about Taz because for the entire 12 years, he hasn't been without "his girlfriend". We would be in different parts of the house and he would start howling until he found us.  I am really concerned about how Taz is going to handle this.  Have any of you ever had to deal with a grieving pet? If so, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for understanding while I go through this period of mourning. Normal postings will return later this week.

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.



Chrissy *NailUtopia* said...

I am so sorry for your loss, and yes I have been there. It's gut wrenching, may you both bring peace to each other. *hugs*

For Me, It Works... said...

@Chrissy, thanks for your kind words.

Sassy@Nutz4Beauty said...

Oh sweetie, I am so sorry for both you and Taz. I'll be thinking of you both.

For Me, It Works... said...

@Sassy, thanks for your kind words.

ms. figino said...

I only saw your post today. I'm sorry for your loss.

How is Taz doing?? Did she accept, that gizzy is gone? Is she looking for him? If she is, I'd recommend that you saerch somebody who's working with Bach Flowers. Those will help her a lot and maybe even you!

All the best for your and Taz!

For Me, It Works... said...

@Ms. Figino, Thank you for your kind words. Taz has his good days and his bad. He is eating so I am not concerned about his physical well-being. He is showing signs of anxiety from time to time and is very clingy. But then there are times when he is very playful and is like his old self. I am confident that with time we will both get back to normal. We will always love and miss Gizzy but we still have each other. Thanks again for your kind words.


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