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NOTD: Misa Spinning Out of Control & China Glaze Liquid Crystal

12:00 AM

Today I am sharing with you two polishes. One I have owned for over a year and one that is very new.  I came across Misa Spinning Out Of Control via a blogger that has some of the best pictures in the beauty blogger world, Lacquerized. Sadly, she has pretty much stopped blogging. I can only hope that she will someday return.  Misa Spinning Out Of Control, from the What I Like About You collection, is a gorgeous blue purple. In the bottle & direct sunlight, there is a faint blue & pink micro shimmer.  Misa is a brand that I don't hear much about but it really needs to get more camera time.  It's formula is amazing. I achieved bottle color with only 1 coat. It's not often you find a true 1-coater.  But out of habit, these pictures are 2 coats.  I really need to add more Misa polishes to my collection.

As an accent nail, I am wearing for the first time, one of China Glaze's latest polishes from their Prismatic Collection, Liquid Crystal.  Liquid Crystal is a gorgeous blue/purple duochrome, holographic glitter. I must admit, it's the first duochrome glitter I've ever seen.  It contains multi-sized and multi-colored glitter.  I am really liking the China Glaze glitters. Recently there was Lorelei's Tiara from the Eye Candy collection of 2011.  The Prismatic Collection are very similar to Lorelei's Tiara. I need them all.  They are due to hit the shelves April, 2012, but I hear that they have been seen already.  


  • Color:  Misa-Purple,  China Glaze-Purple/Blue Duochrome
  • Finish:  Misa-Shimmer, China Glaze-Glitte
  • Opacity:  Misa-1 coat for bottle color, China Glaze-3 coats
  • Collection: Misa-What I Like About You, China Glaze-Prismatic
  • Bottle:  Both: 14 mL – 0.5 Fl oz.
  • Price: Misa-Reg. $7.50 but can be found for less. China Glaze $6.99 but can be often found on sale at Sally and other e-tailers.
  • Availability: Misa-I have never seen Misa at retail. I always purchase them from online retailers, such as www.transdesign.com. China Glaze can be found at several retailers-Sally Beauty, & Ulta are two of the major retailers that carry China Glaze
Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* At least some of these sample products were sent to me for review consideration by the PR department of the Manufacturer. These however are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by this company. 

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