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NOTD: Orly Snowcone

12:30 AM

I have already shared with you two polishes from this collection.  So it should be obvious that I love this collection.  It is a must for the Spring season.  Today, I want to share with you Orly Snowcone.  It is a gorgeous pastel, powder, blue cream. It was part of the 2010 Spring Sweet Collection that included other lovelies such as Lollipop, Pixy Stix, Lemonade, Cotton Candy, and Gumdrop. 

I laugh each time I wear a blue polish. There was a time when I would never even consider a blue nail polish. But now, I believe that blue is my favorite color and it's when I wear a blue polish that I get the most compliments.  So step outside your comfort zone and give the blues a try.

What color made or makes you the most nervous to wear as a polish?

·Color Family: Blue 
·Finish: Cream
·Opacity: 2 coats for bottle color
·Collection: Sweet Collection Spring, 2010

·Bottle: 18 mL – 0.6 Fl Oz (20% more than the average polish)
·Brush: Standard narrow brush
·Price: Reg. $5.99 but can be often found on sale at Sally and other e-tailers.
·Availability: Ulta, CVS, and Sally Beauty are some of the major retailers that carry Orly
·Application: Smooth.  I'm wearing BC, and 2 coats of NP

Remember, treat your nails as jewels, not tools. Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

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